Gluten in Vodka Testing



Due to recent changes in the TTB, producers can now start labeling their products as allergen free.  Gluten testing in vodka is one of these new labeling abilities and while this regulation is currently voluntary it seems that it will become mandatory in the near future. Gluten identification has gained attention due to the adverse health effects that it has on those with celiac disease and gluten allergies.

While the FDA is not currently regulating this process they are not against the labeling of the term “gluten-free”.  Companies that want to use this term to capture a niche market need material identification services completed to verify that the statement is true.

Avomeen’s gluten testing lab can help whether you need to prove your product is not made from a grain that contains gluten or that your manufacturing process has removed the gluten below acceptable levels (20ppm) in your final product.

Avomeen can perform gluten testing in vodka, bread, juice, spices, meats and a variety of additional products as well as testing for the other major allergens.  Avomeen can also fully or semi-qualify for any specified or unknown ingredients in your product.  Our scientists can perform a chemical screen to test for volatile organics and an elemental screen to check for trace inorganic elements.

Our chemists use a variety of instrumentation and methods to analyze either your own or a competitor’s product including:

As well as a wide range of other analytical techniques and instrumentation, Avomeen will supervise the analysis and prepare a detailed report with pertinent charts, tables, and graphs generated during the analysis.

Case Study – Allergen Testing Lab

Industry: Beverage Testing – Gluten Analysis
Problem: Needed proof of gluten-free for label
Solution: A producer of Vodka wanted to take advantage of new regulations that allowed them to advertise toward a niche market of those with celiac disease or gluten allergies.  Avomeen’s gluten lab was able to give them proof that their product contained a less than 20ppm gluten level, confirming it to be gluten-free.  Avomeen also tested the product with a chemical screen to check for any unwanted organic and inorganic products within the product.

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