We remain open as an essential business to support our clients' needs during the fight against COVID-19.

This includes direct support of COVID-19 vaccines and therapies, formulation development and modification, small-batch manufacturing, and assistance with testing or reconfiguring products or production to support the crisis.  Learn more about our COVID-19 response.

Pharmaceutical Drug Batch Release Testing

Uncompromising Quality & Scientific Expertise

Avomeen’s Ph.D.-backed teams of chemists have a proven record of success in developing, validating, and transferring sophisticated, complex, and challenging analytical methods for the purposes of batch release testing. Where other laboratories fail with unique APIs and challenging matrices, we succeed.

Flexible protocols and study designs include thorough chemical, biological, and material property testing in our GMP-compliant laboratory to ensure finished products meet your pre-determined set specifications.

Consultative Partnerships & Proven Success

Pharmaceutical release testing is a critical component of the quality control process, and Avomeen is a trusted and sought-after partner for leading organizations. Our consultative expert scientists who are well-versed in regulatory guidance requirements and standards, advanced analytical technology, and interpretation of data ensure that every client receives the Avomeen standard of regulatory guidance that has helped countless organizations bring revolutionary drug products and therapeutics to market.

Put Our Experts to the Test

CMC Experts Provide a Complete Solution

Rely on our unparalleled experience helping biopharmaceutical and therapeutic manufacturers bring life-changing therapeutics and drug products to market. We provide robust analyses, including formulation verification, potency and purity, impurity testing, uniformity, identity, presentation attributes, and sterility to ensure that products meet your specifications as well as your timelines for lot or batch release and distribution.

Make Avomeen part of your team for:

  • cGMP Drug Release Testing
  • Compendial Testing
  • Method Verification & Transfer
  • Method Development & Validation

Why Partner with Avomeen?

Decades of experience, the capability to tailor protocols and study designs, and a readiness to take on complex and non-routine analyses results in our ability to offer a comprehensive, all inclusive-solution to our clients.

Industry Leadership

Our wide-reaching capabilities incorporate industry-leading knowledge and expertise in the biopharma research, formulation, and regulatory processes. We’ve been helping to improve healthcare and speed time-to-market working with leading therapeutics and medical devices.

Ph.D.-Backed Projects

Every Avomeen project is backed by Ph.D. scientists who specialize in the regulatory knowledge and scientific applications specific to life sciences. When you put your project in the hands of our specialists, you can trust your results reflect the unparalleled knowledge of our industry-leading scientific minds.

Technical Tenacity

When routine testing laboratories don’t have the experience or qualified experts to take on a project, they pass it on to the next laboratory. When those projects come to Avomeen, they get done. Our unique blend of scientific, regulatory, and legal knowledge allows us to problem-solve from unusual angles. If it’s the right scope, we say yes when others say no.

The Avomeen Experience

We excel in building partnerships with our clients to ensure success in every stage of the development process from discovery to post-market, including life cycle management. Our dedication to our clients is apparent in everything we do. We work with you to tailor our processes to your program while maintaining scientific integrity and ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements.

We’re Not Just Any Lab. We’re Your Lab.

We provide unmatched, complete solutions by working hands-on with you to tailor every test and consultation to your ever-changing needs. We specialize in pharmaceutical lot testing and complex method development.

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