Packaging Materials Testing

As a manufacturer or product developer, you’re responsible for both the quality of your products and the packaging materials you use to contain those products. If your packaging materials leach harmful chemicals into your product or fail to stand up to the rigors of the distribution process, you leave yourself vulnerable to lawsuits and expensive product recalls. Don’t expose your company and customers to the risks associated with faulty or contaminated packaging: work with Avomeen’s package research laboratory to ensure your containers are secure and safe before they reach the marketplace.

Avomeen’s package research laboratory can solve complex analytical packaging challenges for cans, bottles, cartons, vials, bags, pouches, and more. We’ll work with your manufacturing company to develop solutions quickly and efficiently whether you are developing a new packaging product or need support with a troubleshooting issue.

It’s important for packaging testing services to be performed by an independent contract laboratory like Avomeen to ensure that the packaging material does not leach harmful chemicals into the materials it contains.  This is especially important whenever the packaging is being used to hold or ship food, beverages, cosmetics, medical devices, or pharmaceuticals.

Avomeen’s packaging lab research team can test packages made from materials such as polymers, plastic, paper, metal, cardboard, sustainable materials, and more. Our team can also test packaging components such as paints, coatings, films, and foams. If our scientists identify a problem during our analysis of your product, we can identify solutions to fix it.

At Avomeen, we have extensive experience in packaging safety and a wide range of capabilities due to our specialized instrumentation and testing methods. When you contact us, we’ll connect you with a team of scientists who can answer your questions, help identify packaging safety challenges, and develop a plan for package testing. When you choose to work with Avomeen, our experienced chemists will conduct rigorous tests in our package research laboratory.

We’ll customize our services to address your pain points and maximize the return on your investment. You can rest easy knowing that our laboratory is FDA-registered and GMP-compliant.

Let us perform your packaging testing to analyze your items’ resins, pigments, additives, contents, and labels. We can identify and isolate trace contaminants, toxic components, causes of unpleasant odors, material performance issues, and more. We can also resolve complex and uncommon container, closure, and packaging problems. We specialize in non-routine chemical analysis challenges that many of our competitors are ill-equipped to address.

Container Closure Qualification Testing Services

  • Extractable/Leachable Evaluations
  • USP <1207> Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT)
  • USP <1663> Extractables of polymeric CC
  • USP <1664> Leachables of polymeric CC
  • USP <1660> Glass qualification
  • USP <661.1> Plastic materials of construction
  • USP <661.2> Plastic Final Packaging Systems
  • USP <232/233> Trace Metals / Elemental Impurities

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