Is My Competitor’s Product Better?


Competition between businesses can be fierce – so what do you do when your products are not competing well compared to your top competitor’s similar products?

If you have not already done so, having a detailed product analysis of both your own and your competitors’ products at the chemical or formulation level leads to a wealth of invaluable information for your product development, manufacturing, and marketing teams.

Deformulating or reverse engineering both your own and your competitors’ products and comparing the chemical breakdowns of your products versus your top competitors shows performance strengths and weaknesses, product safety comparisons, natural vs. harmful ingredients, and more.

This information can be used to reformulate your product in order to recreate a brand new, superior formulation or used as essential marketing data:

  • Perhaps an alternative filler ingredient will be identified in your competitor’s product that retains product quality but allows them to produce their product at a significantly reduced cost.
  • A new active ingredient may be identified in a competitor’s product which is the cause for their faster drying times, longer stability, superior cleaning power, better odor, resistance to corrosion, etc.
  • A competitor’s product may claim to be all-natural, but analysis may reveal synthetic and other non-natural ingredients.

Analyzing your competition’s products and taking advantage of Avomeen’s wealth of information can help to introduce a better product, reduce production costs, result in better use or quality of raw materials, improve your products performance, and identify & prove key strengths in your products that can be used in your marketing.

Utilizing our chemical laboratory services goes way beyond initial product development, regulatory consulting, and quality testing.  It can be used to identify problems within your production line or other areas you may have never considered.

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