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Competitor Analysis Services

In-Depth Competitive Product Analysis

Our competitor product analysis services allow for an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ products at a chemical level. This service identifies key formulation differences between your own and a competitor’s product that can be invaluable for your product design, quality control, and marketing teams.

Our analysis identifies, characterizes, and quantifies the ingredients within a sample. Our analysis is performed at the parts per million, parts per billion, & in certain cases the parts per trillion levels, and can accurately quantify even the minor individual ingredients within a product’s formulation.

Product flaws, contaminants, quality control issues, safety concerns, performance additives, stabilizers, and more can all be identified and analyzed.

This saves your quality control and product engineers substantial time and money by pinpointing a product’s strengths and weaknesses versus your competitor, thus identifying crucial areas for improvement.  For start-up’s or small to medium-sized companies that may not have an in-house laboratory capable of using the detailed data and reports produced, our scientists can make modifications reformulating your existing product or formulating a brand new product for you.  Using the data gained samples can be modified to increase shelf life, change viscosity, modify the appearance, add performance benefits, and more.

Intellectual Property, Consulting & Expert Witness Services

During this process, our chemists can aid in patent searches as well as assist in any regulatory consulting needed and can help gain a patent protecting the original product or one reformulated on your behalf.  If you have a currently patented product that you feel is being infringed upon, our litigation support team can analyze the products, and prove or disprove the claim.

We have veteran chemists that have experience with expert witness services. Our chemists can explain complex testing & results in a courtroom setting, in a manner that is easy to understand for those without a background in chemistry.

Avomeen offers unique services such as eco-friendly reformulation, which involves competitive deformulation, identification of a formula, and scientific reformulation. Our scientists reformulate products into improved organic and all-natural versions of the original.  The same services can also be used to modify a product’s performance, appearance, and other attributes.

The Benefits of Competitive Product Analysis

Our competitor product testing services are used by manufacturers, product designers, and entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons:

  • Analyzing products for potential patent infringement.
  • Gaining product insight on competitors before developing a product or entering a new market.
  • Identifying key differences between products, allowing for new marketing strategies and the proving or disproving of marketing claims.
  • Produce a product’s ingredient and recipe information, freeing companies from manufacturers of their products that overcharge them by withholding their formulations.
  • Develop or reformulate a product for you that will be superior to existing products currently on the market.
  • Gain confidence with customers by independently proving the strengths of your products versus competitors.

Case Study – Competitive Product Analysis

Industry: Consumer Products
Problem: Cleaning company wanted to switch manufacturers due to rising costs
Solution: A cleaning company wanted to switch manufacturers of their product due to rising costs.  They knew the main ingredients of their product, but were unsure of some of the minor ingredients and how the product was produced.  Avomeen’s scientists analyzed several of their products, identifying the major, minor, and active ingredients as well as the “recipe”.  Avomeen also analyzed several of their competitor’s products identifying their ingredients and “recipe” as well.

After reverse engineering their original product, our scientists used the information from the competitor product analysis to tweak their formulation into a more visually pleasing, better-performing version of itself.  Once given the new products ingredients list and production process, the cleaning company was able to shop around and find a significantly less expensive manufacturer to produce their newly improved product.

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