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Amino Acids Testing Laboratory

Cutting-Edge Science for Protein Analysis

Avomeen’s Ph.D-led teams of scientists are well-equipped to conduct risk assessment for compounds added to foods and supplements. Following an established paradigm for determining risks associated with ingestion of chemicals found in foods and supplements, our experts thoroughly test proteins and amino acids for purity and composition to ensure safe product consumption.  

Due to the complex nature of chemical analysis, Avomeen relies on established analytical techniques to ensure proteins and amino acids in physiological samples are the proper composition. The result is a high-quality scientific report presented to clients with detailed information from laboratory findings. We’re equipped to undertake the most complex chemical cases and consult clients on the necessary steps to ensure utmost product safety.

Unmatched Excellence

Finished products containing amino acids undergo qualitative analysis by experienced chemists, and innovative methods are used to keep up with industry standards to release products safe for consumption. With decades of chemical analysis experience, we work closely with your team to determine the best testing methods for amino acids and proteins.

Put Our Experts to the Test

Precise Analysis Services

Complex chemical testing of proteins and amino acids requires precise quantitative analysis to yield trustworthy results. Equipped with a team of Ph.D. scientists, we conduct chemical product analysis to determine product compounds, material failure, and conduct raw material testing. Whether amino acids are to be analyzed in tablets, capsules, powders, or liquid syrups, our methods provide precise, detailed results every time.

Our Approach to Amino Analysis Testing

Chemical analysis of amino acids is conducted through various methodologies and include:

  • Precise determination of protein quantities
  • Information about amino acid composition of proteins and free amino acids
  • Hydrolysis, separation, and detection of quantification of released and amino acids
  • Separation by HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography)
  • GC (Gas Chromatography), NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), and FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)
  • Analysis of all compounds for identification, purity, properties, and impurities
  • Material characterization to understand major and minor components in a substance
  • Removal of unwanted contaminants

In addition, Avomeen consultants provide robust services by:

  • Defining and solving manufacturing problems
  • Recommending and implementing testing methods and research protocols
  • Investigating product and process development with your staff
  • And maintaining internal support facilities

Why Partner with Avomeen?

Decades of experience, the capability to tailor protocols and study designs, and a readiness to take on complex and non-routine analyses results in our ability to offer a comprehensive, all inclusive-solution to our clients.

See how our approach can help transform your goals into real solutions.

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With Safety and Reputation in Mind

Proteins and amino acids are found in many products consumed by the public every day. Our team ensures your food and supplements are pure and safe for consumption in our amino acid testing labs. As new technologies emerge, we incorporate more advanced methods into all matters of testing, providing clients with reports reflective of technological advancements in the industry and our chemical expertise.

We’re Not Just Any Lab. We’re Your Lab.

We provide unmatched, complete solutions by working hands-on with you to tailor every test and consultation to your ever-changing needs.

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