We remain open as an essential business to support our clients' needs during the fight against COVID-19.

This includes direct support of COVID-19 vaccines and therapies, formulation development and modification, small-batch manufacturing, and assistance with testing or reconfiguring products or production to support the crisis.  Learn more about our COVID-19 response.

Scientific Applications & Service Offerings

Product Development and Chemical Analysis Services

Avomeen is a full-service independent testing laboratory that specializes in advanced product testing, unknown chemical/material identification & quantification, deformulation services, product failure analysis, litigation support services, and new product development. All projects are custom designed and led by our Ph.D. chemists to ensure that all of your questions/problems are solved right the first time.

Life Sciences

CMC Consulting & Lab Services

Regulatory & scientific experts provide robust, regulatory-driven, phase-appropriate services to help you achieve the full potential of your drug compound.

Pharmaceutical Formulation & Process Development

Dedicated, experienced teams help guide your biopharmaceutical and therapeutic formulations smoothly through development.

Cleaning & Process Validation

Manufacture multiple biopharmaceutical products safely & cleanly on a single line.

Topical Product Development

Industry-leading topical formulations are developed by teams of Ph.D-led formulation scientists.

Protein Biomarker Analysis

Detecting and analyzing protein biomarkers provides invaluable insight into specific metabolic processes and biopharmaceutical development.

Photostability Testing

Improve product quality, speed to market, and verification of correct packaging and exposure for photosensitive substances.

Solid State Characterization

Selecting the optimal solid form of an API is critical to the success of a formulation.

USP 661 & 662 Regulatory Compliance Testing

Our team tailors processes to your needs while ensuring compliance to basic material characterizations per USP <661> and USP <662>.

Compendial & Non-Compendial Testing

Regulatory & scientific experts provide compendial & non-compendial testing to ensure compliance and support regulatory submissions.

Preformulation Services

Investigate the chemical and physical properties of pharmaceuticals.

Facility Validation Support

Validate your facility for the production of (bio)pharmaceuticals and ensure compliance to regulatory requirements with the assistance of our experienced team.

Quality by Design (QbD)

This systematic approach ensures a higher-quality product, and the FDA looks for the use of a QbD approach in submissions.

Peptide Analysis & Protein Therapeutics

Biologics deformulation, method development, and validation ensure therapeutic protein treatments reach and stay in the market.

Small Batch Manufacturing

GMP-compliant rapid small-batch manufacturing delivers needed materials on your timeline.

Elemental Impurities Testing

Comply with metals impurities standards according to USP 232 & 233.

Pharmaceutical Drug Batch Release Testing

Our teams have a proven record of success in developing, validating, and transferring complex and challenging analytical methods for batch release.

GMP Clinical Trial Manufacturing

Our teams produce and deliver dosage forms for clinical trials under GMP conditions on your timeline.

Full Program Support

Our full support program is designed to bolster your product’s integrity and see your drug development from inception to the post-approval phase.

Amino Acids Testing Laboratory

Our experts thoroughly test proteins and amino acids for purity and composition to ensure safe product consumption.

Pharmaceutical Stability Testing

Stability-indicating method development & validation, forced degradation & full stability programs per ICH guidelines.

Chemicals & Materials

Analytical Testing

Break down substances to their chemical constituents.


Reverse-engineer substances to learn how they were formulated.

Stability & Shelf Life

Ensure your products and pharmaceuticals meet shelf life and stability standards.

Regulatory & Safety Testing

Test & develop methods for meeting a world of regulatory standards.

Competitor Analysis

Obtain an in-depth analysis of a competitive product to support patent claims, identify formulations, and more.

Food Contact Notification

Evaluate the risk of contamination posed by materials that come in contact with food.

Failure Analysis

Discover why products have and will continue to fail and how to fix them.

Quality Control

Bring your products and pharmaceuticals up to predefined standards with chemical analysis.

Impurities, Unknown, & Contamination ID

Uncover the chemicals in your products and substances that are causing contamination.

Impurity Testing & Material ID

Isolate and identify any impurities or unknown compounds in finished products and raw materials.

Litigation Support Services

Back evidence and testimony with scientific knowledge & consultation.

REACH Compliance

Maintain compliance to REACH regulations with chemical characterization & risk assessment.

Extractable & Leachable Studies

Keep extraneous materials and chemicals away from and out of sensitive products.

Method Development & Validation

Get help creating repeatable & reliable methods for various validations.

Materials Testing

Understand the chemistry of a material - identification, purity, properties, and more.

Product Development

New Product Development Services

Our team of industry-leading product formulators specialize in innovative product development.

Performance Testing & Claims

Add label and marketing claims to your product backed by industry-leading scientific analysis.

Product Performance Testing

Test to regulatory, domestic, international, and industry standards, as well as retailer, or individual technical requirements.

Reliable Results

Clients come to Avomeen when they need an innovative next-gen product formulation developed that meets there exact specifications and is completed on their time-frame or when they have a complex product or chemical analysis need that requires accurate/reliable results.  We offer quick turn-around times on all of our projects and quotes, a friendly staff that is truly on your side, talented chemists lead by experienced Ph.D. project leaders, and state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation.

Can we help you complete even your most complex product development or material testing project? Yes we can!

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