Not All the Good Scholarships “Argon!”

We want to help send you to college! Avomeen offers two scholarship programs to assist funding your undergraduate education in a STEM discipline. Scholarships are awarded annually in the amount of $2,500 each.

  • Women in STEM

    Avomeen recognizes the incredible contributions women make in STEM fields every day. More than half of Avomeen’s staff are women, and 43% of our leaders are women. At Avomeen, women literally are running the world.

  • Minorities in STEM

    We value the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our staff, and the diversity of our team is a big part of what makes Avomeen’s company culture so fantastic. Nearly half of our staff identify as minorities, and 43% of the leaders within our organization are minorities.

Scholarships are open for applications October 1 – April 1.Apply Here


Avomeen Scholarship FAQs

Q: How many scholarships are there?
A: Two scholarships are available, one $2,500 scholarship for women pursuing undergrad STEM education and another $2,500 scholarship for minorities pursuing an undergraduate degree in STEM at a US-based college or university.

Q: How do you determine who is awarded the scholarship?
A: Scholarship applications will be judged on two factors:

  1. The written statement
  2. Eligibility requirements, which include pursuing an undergraduate education at a US-based college or university for both scholarships. For the Women in STEM scholarship, the applicant must identify as a woman, and for the Minorities in STEM scholarship, the applicant must identify as a minority.

Q: How often are the scholarships awarded?
A: Periodically. (That was a science joke). Scholarships are awarded annually.

Q: When can I apply?
A: We accept applications each year from October 1 – April 1.

Q: How do I apply?
A: Just fill out the form. Be sure to include a brief (200 words or less) statement on why you’ve chosen to pursue a degree in STEM. If you’re applying for the Women in STEM scholarship, tell us about organizations you’ve been a part of and/or what you’ve done in your community to support and promote female leadership. Likewise, if you’re applying for the Minorities in STEM scholarship, tell us about organizations you’ve been a part of and/or what you’ve done in your community to support and promote minority leadership.

Q: Should I still apply even if I haven’t decided what my major will be yet? I do know my major will be in a STEM field.
A: Of course! As long as you’re going to be attending a US-based college or university studying a STEM subject during your entire undergraduate career, you’re eligible for the scholarship.

Q: Can I apply if I’m a graduate student?
A: Na. (That was a chemistry joke). The scholarships are open to undergraduate students only.

Q: What can the scholarship money be used for?
A: The scholarship can be used to finance an aspect of a STEM-focused undergraduate education, including tuition and fees, books and supplies, housing, and participation in a study abroad program.

Q: Who selects the winner?
A: A diverse panel of Avomeen scientists, leaders, and professionals will come together to review submissions and select scholarship recipients, which will include members of the Avomeen leadership team.

Q: How – and when – do I find out if I’m selected for a scholarship?
A: Winners will be notified by May 1 following the open application period by email, and their statements will be featured on the scholarship page of our website.

Q: What else does Avomeen do to promote and support STEM education?
A: Avomeen hosts groups of grade-school students at our lab to participate in our Chemistry is FUNdamental program. We’re committed to doing our part to foster an interest in STEM at a young age and inspire the next generation of scientific leaders.

Q: Science is serious business. What’s with the jokes?
A: Science – and STEM – is fun! We love a good pun – and joke. Have fun with your statement and let us know why you’ve decided to pursue a degree in a STEM field.

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