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Scholarship Program

Avomeen’s Science Student Award is a scholarship program that is dedicated to helping those who demonstrate high academic achievement, exceptional leadership qualities, and involvement with community service defray the costs of obtaining their science education.

September 18th, 2017 – Thank you to everyone that entered Avomeen’s 3rd Annual Science Student Award Scholarship Program.  This year we had 3,270 applicants.  Congratulations to our 2017  Science Student Award Recipients:

  • 1st Place ($1,000 Scholarship) – Amy E. studying Cardiovascular Perfusion at the Medical University of South Carolina. “I am incredibly grateful to have been chosen as the recipient of this scholarship. I am eager to give back to the scientific community through my education and career as a cardiovascular perfusionist and this scholarship is helping to make that possible. Thank you!”
  • 2nd Place ($500 Scholarship) – Connor T. studying Atmospheric Science-Meteorology at the University of Alabama-Huntsville. “Thank you so much for choosing me this year’s second-place award winner! I am very grateful and this only pushes me harder to succeed in the field of Atmospheric Science!”


  • The total award for 1st place is $1,000, and 2nd place is $500
    • 2017 Application acceptance period was from March 1st to August 31st (Currently Closed)
  • Scholarship winners will be contacted directly between September 1st and September 14th
  • Winners will be announced September 15th on this page


  • Our scholarship is available for current college students (incoming students, undergraduates, and graduate students) pursuing a career in science
    • Enrolled incoming, full-time and part-time students are eligible
  • Any previously awarded scholarships or monetary prizes have no bearing on this scholarship award
  • Enrollment consists of completing our scholarship application form (link located below)
  • Please do not include supporting documents with your application.  We will reach out individually to to the chosen recipients before the scholarship is provided to verify their proof of enrollment which can consist of an official acceptance letter, class registration, transcripts, etc. before issuing the scholarship

How to Apply:

In order to apply, applicants will need to submit the scholarship application completed in full. The scholarship application form will be made available ONLY during the open period listed above.

Unavailable – Application Period Closed: Avomeen’s Scholarship Application Form

For questions please call 800-930-5450 and ask to speak to Nick Graziano at ext 107 or email your questions to nickg@avomeen.com

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2016 Award Recipients

1st Place ($1,000 Scholarship)

  • Rosie studying Biology, Medical Anthropology and Public Health at Boston University “Thank you again so much for this incredible opportunity! I feel so honored and grateful and it is really inspiring me more to continue on the path that I have chosen. I am excited to see where biology and social justice takes me!”

2nd Place ($500 Scholarship) 

  • Levi studying Environmental Science at the University of Virginia “Thank you! I’m honored to have been chosen”

Interesting Stats from our 2016 Science Student Award:

  • Number of Applicants – 2297
  • Gender – 71% Female / 29% Male
  • Applicants with Family Immediate Family Members that are Scientists – 88% No / 12% Yes
  • Top Influential Scientists – 1. Charles Darwin, 2. Albert Einstein, 3. Marie Curie

2015 Award Recipients

1st Place ($1,000 Scholarship)

  • Erica studying Biology at Oregon State University “Thank you very much for awarding me with this scholarship it is a great honor to receive this.”

2nd Place ($500 Scholarship) 

  • Tyan studying Biochemistry at the University of Kansas “Thank you so much! This is incredible and will definitely help my college success!”

Careers at Avomeen:

For those looking to pursue a path involving product formulation development, analytical & chemical analysis, deformulation, product failure analysis, and/or pharmaceutical development; please visit our careers page at www.avomeen.com/careers