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Recent Developments in REACH Compliance Testing

REACH, a regulation of the European Union, has the goal of protecting human and environmental health. REACH compliance is required for all chemicals in Europe. Companies must collect information on the properties, uses, and potential risks and hazards of substances they manufacture or import with quantities from 1 to 100 metric tons per year and proceed with the registration process. Companies must also have submitted registrations to ECHA, (European Chemical Agency), before the final REACH registration deadline for 2018, May 31. In accordance with REACH regulations, ECHA has to verify the completeness of each registration within three months of the deadline. Completeness checks are made for the purpose of verifying that all necessary information has been included in the registration document. Corresponding to this rule, ECHA’s September document announces and outlines the results of registration numbers granted to the 2018 REACH registrations.

Registration Numbers Granted to REACH Registrations

ECHA completed the task of verifying completeness checks by August 31 and granted registration numbers to 32,515 dossiers out of the 33,363 dossiers submitted by the registration deadline of May 31. The granted completed registrations came from 5,314 companies covering 10,708 substances. Out of the approximate 10,000 substances registered, 7,462 of the substances were registered for the first time.

Many of the companies who submitted registrations before the deadline did so completely, needing no further information to be granted registration. Currently, only 1% of REACH dossiers submitted before the 2018 deadline have been rejected. For incomplete dossiers received, ECHA has requested the additional necessary information from the companies. Specifically, there were 477 cases where companies encountered exceptional circumstances, determined by the Directors’ Contact Group (DCG). Dossiers with DCG solutions were allowed an extension to submit the required and absent information. All pending cases are expected to be resolved by May 2019.

Submission Statistics

ECHA’s summary details the statistics of the 2018 REACH registration results. Specifically, it gives insights into the size of the companies successful in completing registrations and the countries submissions were received from.  Of successfully completed registrations, 1,353 were submitted by medium, small, and micro sizes companies totaling 16%. While 84% percent of successful submissions were made by large companies (dominant in their industry with independent owners) or 3,962 businesses. REACH submissions were received from 28 European Union Member States and three European Economic Area Countries. The largest number of submissions came from Germany with 26% of all submissions. Registrations made by representatives on behalf of a non-EU company was 28%, submissions made by importers, some may be manufactures, was 48%, and submissions by EU and EEA manufactures totaled 24% of submissions received.

It is important to keep your compliance and registration data up to date. ECHA works to clarify and systemize company’s legal responsibility to practice safe use of chemicals. Registrations also help reflect proper product volume, innovative new uses, and tactics for safe use. When importing or manufacturing chemical products in Europe, it is imperative to follow REACH regulations.

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