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Join our Scientific Community

Avomeen is a dynamic, expanding organization with a mission to provide advanced analytical services to help companies compete in the global marketplace. Our clients trust Avomeen to provide innovative, advanced scientific solutions, and provide us with the opportunity to work on a wide array of projects, supporting a multitude of industries. We rely on the creativity, knowledge, and resourcefulness of our versatile team to develop high-quality, scientifically sound, innovative solutions.

We celebrate breakthroughs and successes with our clients and team and look forward to meeting new challenges each and every day in a fast-paced environment. We provide exemplary science and customer service to our clients while you make the most of the hands-on experiences and opportunities Avomeen has to offer.


We are privileged to have talented and dedicated people from a variety of nations and scientific disciplines working together. Join us as we celebrate our shared scientific, knowledge-based culture along with the diverse cultures, traditions, and backgrounds of our team members.


Avomeen is dedicated to building a community in which team members embrace and leverage the knowledge, talents, and diverse backgrounds and viewpoints of one another.


Career Growth

Each member of the Avomeen team plays a critical and visible role in delivering high-quality scientific solutions. We make every effort to reward outstanding performance and provide interesting and scientifically challenging work.

Starting Out

Avomeen values and respects higher and continuing education. We are a recognized premier training ground, and an ideal environment for exposure to a wide variety of instrumentation, techniques, scientific challenges, and industries.

Let’s work together to achieve your vision

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