Avomeen Update – New Case Studies

Product Development
Industry: Sports & Fitness
Problem: Need new, improved product

Solution: An entrepreneur approached us with a plan to create a new product to be used by athletes. He had researched several available products on the market, and had found a few current products that worked, but needed the product to be altered so it could be utilized in a new application with superior performance. Our deformulation experts separated, identified, and quantified all ten ingredients in the product using instrumentation such as FT-IR, GC/MS, HPLC, EDXA,and ICP. Our formulation scientists then developed three rounds of product formulations for client testing, culminating in a final product of higher quality and superior performance to the competition.

Deformulation – Forensics
Industry: Household Products Testing
Problem: Need formula for old fragrance

Solution: An entrepreneur came to us with a sample of an old fragrance based on a secret family recipe. She wanted to use the fragrance in a new product addition to her current collection of household goods. She could not obtain the recipe for the fragrance, and thus turned to Avomeen for help. Our scientists utilized their deformulation expertise to identify and quantify the ingredients in product, using FT-IR, GC/MS, and LC/MS. We were able to provide the entrepreneur with a detailed deformulation report, including all of the ingredients and quantities of each component. Where other laboratories may have listed potential compounds in the sample, we were able to convert our results into a list of easily obtainable ingredients. She was then able to take these ingredient and quantitation results to a fragrance manufacturer and was able to utilize the fragrance in her new line of household products.

Failure Analysis
Industry: Construction & Manufacturing
Problem: Delaminated flooring

Solution: Sections of flooring that had been installed in a multi-level commercial building were causing odor and delamination issues. The building owner needed to replace the flooring, but could not go forward until the cause of the delamination was determined, to prevent future tile failures. Avomeen’s President personally visited the site ensure accurate sampling from several floors and areas in the building. Then Avomeen scientists utilized FT-IR, GC/MS, EDXA, and pH testing of concrete, adhesive, and tile samples to determine the original cause of tile delamination. The results allowed the client to successfully fix the problem without worrying about repeat construction costs.

About Avomeen Analytical Services:
Avomeen Analytical Services is a fast-growing chemical testing laboratory headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Avomeen specializes in custom deformulation analysis of products for failure analysis, contaminant identification, product development, and patent litigation cases. Avomeen’s Ph.D. scientists utilize a full complement of organic and inorganic testing instrumentation including FT-IR, NMR, SEM-EDXA, ICP, GC/MS, LC/MS, UV-Vis, TGA, and DSC to solve tough testing challenges. For more information, please visit http://www.avomeen.com.

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