Product Recall Investigations

It seems like every day there is a new product recall in the food and beverage industry, but while toy and food recalls seem to make national headlines the most, almost every industry has at least one company going through a product recall every week.  Product recalls often times are caused by product contamination or when switching to a lower quality raw material supplier.  These recalls are prevalent risks for numerous industries and can cause long term damage to a company’s reputation if not handled in a fast and efficient manner beyond the initial cost of returned products.

For importers, distributors, and manufactures product recalls depending on the size can be devastating in financial costs of lost products.  While many companies try to be prepared for product liability insurance this typically will not cover costs incurred through a product recall.  Many recalls that become well known are typically within the food & beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toy, and automotive industries, but any supplier of a commercial or industrial good can be at risk.

There are steps that manufactures and other companies that deal with physical goods can put into place in order to help prevent or minimize product recall though.  Setting up scheduled testing and analysis of your raw material suppliers, having a quality control inspector analyze your processes and routinely testing and training your employees will all help minimize product recall risks.

If you do suffer from a product recall or are experiencing a contamination or unknown changes in your product a chemical analysis laboratory can analyze a “good” sample of your product and compare it to a “bad” sample of the product that is suffering from the failure.  They can also analyze your current raw materials as well as any other potential source of the contamination or alteration to the product.  Using this data they can determine why they product is changed and is not meeting your standards.

Avomeen is an investigative testing laboratory that specializes in deformulation and material identification services.  Using these services and the skills of their Ph.D. chemists they are able to solve complex product failure issues in a fast and reliable manner.

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