Patent Infringement Search

It’s common to see companies working off of each other ideas basing future projects off current or past products of their competitors, but in doing so business can sometimes walk a fine line between a new legal product and infringing on their competitor’s patents.  There are several types of patents that need to be considered to avoid violating including utility patents which focus on utilitarian features such as starts easier, runs faster, dries with less odor, etc. There are also ornamental patents that focus on the way a product looks.

Because of the ramifications that infringing upon a patent can cause it is important to complete a thorough patent search as early as possible.  During initial product design and development, it is much easier to create a product that does not infringe on another companies patent then having to make adjustments and redesign a product once manufacturing has begun.

A search can be performed by using the patent office website in order to determine if your competitors are either seeking a patent on their designs or already obtains one.  Be aware though that if a patent has been filed but has not been published yet it will not show up on a search so it may not mean that you’re completely in the clear to mimic a competitor’s idea or product too closely.

The chemists at Avomeen can deformulate or reverse engineer a competitor’s product for you in order to gain invaluable data when designing or marketing your own products.  The talented chemists can use this data to reformulate or recreate the original product formulation while making modifications to the formula based on your desires in order to create a new and unique product.

Need a patent infringement search?  Let our experienced chemists perform the search for you.

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