Outsourcing vs. In-House Laboratory

Avomeen is a full-service Independent testing laboratory that specializes in Product Development, Product Failure Analysis, Contaminant Identification, Competitive Product Analysis, and Patent Infringement Litigation services.  Our scientific experts have experience in a variety of industries working both from our laboratories and at customer sites.

What is laboratory outsourcing?

In house laboratoryMany companies struggle with running their in-house laboratories due to the high fixed costs associated with them.  The problem often originates because many company’s testing project needs vary over time both in size and importance but the lab itself has large fixed costs regardless of usage.   Lab outsourcing is when all or certain testing and analysis functions are done through an independent laboratory instead of being done in-house.  This can be done in a variety of areas from R&D, failure analysis, competitive product analysis, to patient litigation support services.

What are the benefits of laboratory outsourcing?

Two primary outsourcing benefits are:

  • Reduced costs:
    • Employing scientists can get expensive if their workflow and productivity value are not steady
  • Breadth of capabilities:
    • Many in-house labs become very specialized and may not be able to run certain tests which limits their overall effectiveness
    • An outsourced full-service laboratory typically has a wide variety of instruments and methods as well as specialists in multiple fields.

Outsourcing the lab function reduces overhead and operating costs while the company continues to benefit from needed laboratory services.

Since the costs of outsourcing come as smaller variable costs instead of high fixed costs many times it makes financial sense to develop a relationship with an outside testing laboratory.   Some outsourced labs even have specialists that will come to your location and help you onsite.

What Industries are outsourcing their laboratory services?

Many industries take advantage of outsourcing their laboratory services including medical, pharma, cosmetic, manufacturing, consumer products, and automotive.  Avomeen routinely works in all of these and a variety of other industries on a global basis.

What types of tests can be outsourced?

Typically any test done in-house can be outsourced from product development to competitive analysis.  Some contract labs offer a single specific specialized service and others are full-service facilities.  Avomeen is a full services testing facility that customizes its processes and testing towards each client’s needs.

outsourcing laboratoryHow can I outsource my laboratory?

Once the decision is made to consider or try an outscored laboratory many companies go through an evaluation stage.  They often analyze if it is better for them to outsource all of their testing needs or just specific functions.  Once done it allows them to reduce their lab’s size and condense its focus.

Avomeen experts have years of experience in assisting companies to transfer part or all of their testing projects.  They know that just because you need laboratory analysis services does not necessarily mean that you have an inner knowledge of the science behind the testing.   Our scientists will prepare results towards your specific needs both during and after testing.  At Avomeen we don’t just give you raw data, we are experts both in problem-solving and testing services as well as conveying the results to our customers.

Where can I get more information?

We are happy to assist you gain more information about your laboratory and testing needs.  As an independent testing facility, we understand that confidentiality is key.

Feel free to request a outsource laboratory quote online or for more information call Avomeen Analytical Services at (800) 930-5450.