Changing with the Times

How to Make New and Improved Products

Marketplace competition, changing Federal and State regulations, as well as next-gen innovation measures combine to prompt product improvement. Whether your industry is coatings or polymers, cosmetics or cleaners, the drive for “new and improved” products is ever on your mind.

When pursuing product reformulation some of the questions you face might be:

  • How do I improve my product?
  • What types of product re-engineering are available?
  • When is the right time for product improvement?
  • Where do I find product improvement services?

Reformulation is the process of recreating a formula and can include altering or revising how it is made. The steps involved in this include:

  • Deformulation in order to analyze, identify, and quantify ingredients in your sample
  • Formulation to determine the process of making the finished product and address any desired improvements or alternative ingredients
  • Stability testing services to confirm the shelf life of your product
  • Quality control testing to ensure safe and effective manufacturing
  • Consultative services to assist you every step of the process

Types of Reformulation:

Product recreation is a service employed by clients wanting to either own or duplicate the formula for an existing product. Skilled reformulation chemists can take a product sample and tell exactly what is in it and how to recreate it.

Next-Gen is innovative formula development. This begins with a known product and then revises the formula to meet new standards, improve product performance, or adapt product attributes such as odor, color, viscosity etc. Creations such as color changing cleaning agents are an example of Next-Gen innovation.

Eco-friendly reformulation is a focused type of Next-Gen development. This specialty investigates satisfactory and feasible ingredient substitutes to meet all-natural or eco-friendly preferences. Federal and state regulations regarding harmful ingredients in consumer products continue to trend towards stricter requirements. This increasing push for eco-conscious improvements requires added innovation manpower from independent laboratories.  These new regulations on consumer products and stricter environmental controls are the core pressure for eco-friendly product reformulation. Staying a step ahead of these new controls and industry trends could decide your product’s future.


There is no time like the present. In a constantly growing and changing marketplace falling behind the competition is not an option. When your product is vying for consumer attention, every day of lead time counts. In every industry, ownership of your product’s formula as well as pro-active formulation improvements will give you the upper hand.

The Right Resources:

Avomeen Analytical Services is a full-service custom laboratory. We specialize in deformulation and reformulation across numerous industries and product types. Ph.D. chemists along with state-of-the-art instrumentation make our company the premier reformulation specialists. We are FDA registered, cGMP compliant, and DEA licensed and are experts in current methodology and industry practices.

Our expertise comes with every service, customized to your specific needs to bring you the best results, every time. Our reformulation services give you ownership and innovative expertise over your product so you can thrive in both the current and future markets.

To learn more about product improvement and how to employ reformulation services click here.