What is Failure Analysis Testing?

Failure analysis reports are usually created when companies suffer from a manufacturing or product failure and do not know what the cause of the problem or how to fix it.

Pharmaceutical Failure AnalysisPharmaceutical failure analysis testing usually results from a product’s shelf life suddenly declining, finding foreign particles or contaminants, or complaints of unforeseen reactions in customers.

Manufacturing failure analysis testing usually involves identifying unwanted residues or contaminants on or in a product or determining the cause of corrosion or other chemical reactions happening to a product. This list goes on through many industries that work with a range of materials including metals, rubbers, plastic, polymers, etc.  From identifying foreign odors to determining what an unknown substance is, failure analysis reports can be useful to solve a wide variety of problems.

Failure analysis reports are not always a bad thing. While many companies decide to gamble on a PR nightmare that hopefully never comes to light, more prepared companies use failure analysis testing as a preemptive step to identify and battle future problems before they have a chance to arise.

For pharmaceutical failure analysis testing, a company may run multiple shelf life tests over time to ensure that their product is still lasting as long as advertised for.  This can be a critical problem with pharmaceuticals as once they start to break down, their effects when taken can significantly change from what was intended.  Many pharmaceutical companies perform occasional batch-to-batch testing at a chemical level over time to identify any unwanted changes that are occurring within their product over time.

Manufacturing Failure Analysis

Manufacturing failure analysis testing is often used when a raw ingredient supplier is changed to show if the new supplier’s ingredients reach the standards that the manufacturer is used to working with.  Without this testing, a manufacturer may not realize the problem until after several batches of the product are produced and shipped.  If the manufacturer learns of the product problem caused by lower quality raw materials being used in product from their customers through complaints it could cause a large PR problem.  By using a failure analysis laboratory proper testing can be done to ensure a final products quality and let a manufacturer know what to expect from their products.

What is a failure analysis laboratory? Certain testing laboratories can assist companies in solving answers and by compiling a detailed failure analysis report. Using these reports companies can either use the information to fix current product failure problems and learn how to put proper quality control testing in place that can prevent problems that would have otherwise happened at some point down the road.

Companies that are already suffering from a product failure problem can use rush testing services from independent contract laboratories to quickly identify the cause of their problem and determine both a solution on how to quickly fix the issue as well as develop new procedures to put in place to prevent similar problems from happening in the future.

Avomeen Analytical Services is an independent contract a failure analysis laboratory that can quickly determine the cause of a problem and determine a solution. Our skilled chemists can also perform preventative failure analysis testing to identify possible problems that may arise in the future and determine how to prevent them. Avomeen uses a variety of instrumentation and techniques to determine their results. These include but are not limited to FT-IR, NMR, GC-MS, LC-MS, and SEM/EDXA.

If your company is suffering from a product or manufacturing failure problem or would like an analysis performed to identify and develop a way to prevent these problems in the future, please contact us. We can then begin to help you with your complex analytical needs and develop a custom project to fit your individual needs and budget.

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