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Avomeen’s experienced staff is comprised of talented chemists from a range of commercial and industrial product industries.  Below is a number of articles focusing on testing and product development within those industries as well as general industry news updates:

Cosmetics Analysis:

aromatherapy isolated

The Chemistry Behind the Manufacturing of New Cosmetic Products

Many significant developments and breakthroughs in the field of cosmetics & beauty products come from understanding both how a component may look or even feel but also what kind of chemical properties exist and how it reacts to other ingredients and components like stabilizers and surfactants […]

The Importance of Testing Cosmetics

Why consumers are unable to rely upon a product label to determine contents. After use, consumers are finding that skin-care products are not providing advertised results, like skin-firming or wrinkle-reducing. Occasionally the products even cause adverse reactions. How can companies advertise false promises? […]

Product Development:


Why Do Small-To-Large Companies Deformulate Products?

Why do so many companies (deformulate) identify & quantify the ingredients & chemical composition of complex formulations for both their own and their competitors’ products […]
American Testing Laboratory

How Analytical Labs Help Businesses With Their Product Development

Chemical analysis laboratories help businesses develop a higher quality product, a faster time to market, increased quality control, and reduced costs. But how do analytical laboratories accomplish all of this? […]

Avomeen & DoggyArchy Invent Organic Paw Protectant Wax

The PhD scientists at Avomeen took a traditional synthetic dog paw protectant & after deformulating and analyzing it they re-formulated it into an all-natural version that was superior in performance […]

Changing with the Times – How to Make New and Improved Products

How do you reinvent a product, revise characteristics, and improve over your competition? Discover how reformulation helps you stay a step ahead. Discover what is involved in reformulation, how to own your formula, as well as how to develop next-gen and even eco-friendly products […]

Product Recalls Due to Mislabeling

Recalls due to mislabeling are becoming more prevalent. How can companies rectify these situations as well as prevent future issues? Learn valuable information about what options you have to address and prevent product failures. Discover what types of analytical services are available to keep your product on the shelves […]

Pharmaceutical Analysis:

Contract Testing Laboratory

5 Ways Chemical Characterization Improves Pharma Development

Analytical testing can identify and quantify ingredients and impurities. Testing Laboratories can also perform batch-to-batch comparisons, trace metals & residual solvents analysis, extractable/leachable testing, competitive product analysis, and perform patent infringement investigations […]

Utilizing Chemical Analysis throughout the Drug Development Process

The Drug Development Process is a complex progression of steps requiring innovators, formulation experts and manufacturers to coordinate their efforts to develop effective and safe products. Discover how analytical chemistry is necessary for each phase of development to ensure product consistency […]

Industry News:


Academic Research vs. Industry, EMU Chemistry Students Tour

Students weighing the options of entering academic research vs. industry employment came to Avomeen to get a firsthand look at what analytical chemistry looks like in the field. Students heard presentations on industry careers as well as Avomeen’s specialized chemical analysis services […]

R&D Industry 2013/2014 Report & Projections

The Research and Development industry is projected to see continual investment increases over the next five years, primarily in the chemical and life science industries. Avomeen remarks on these findings and some of the underlying causes for the R&D increase, including competitive product design, private funding, and patents […]

Chemical Analysis:

How Chemical Analysis Laboratories Solve Complex Scientific Problems
What kinds of questions can chemical testing & analysis services solve for your company: Why is my product failing? What is this unknown material? Is my manufacturer including all of my product’s active & inactive ingredients? […]
Outsourcing Verse In-House Laboratory
What kinds of projects & analytical services can be outsourced? Will using an independent laboratory save your company money? Where can you get more information on chemical laboratory outsourcing services? […]
How To Choose An Independent Testing Laboratory
When finding an independent contract laboratory you may have to answer a number of questions like, how do I choose the right analytical testing laboratory? What kind of differences exist between laboratories? […]
What Is The Cost Of Chemical Analysis?
During the initial contact a testing laboratory representative typically is only able to give a price range until more research & a custom quote can be completed. The following factors are often taken into account when deciding how to price a project[…]
What is Failure Analysis Testing?
Failure analysis reports are comprised in order to solve a product failure including finding the reasons behind a reduced shelf life, strange odor and unexpected corrosion […]
What Does Quality Control Testing Solve?
Proper quality control testing can be used to prevent product failure and expensive product recalls. This type of testing is used by careful manufacture to ensure that their product’s appearance, performance, and level of safety remains consistent over time […]
Paint & Coating Deformulation
The reverse engineering of a coating product is performed for a variety of reasons. Article describes difficulties in the deformulation process, common reasons paint deformulation is performed […]
The Chemistry of Fireworks
Review of the basic chemistry of fireworks. What is the chemical makeup of standard black powder? What types of chemicals determine a fireworks color and the wavelengths produced? How they are designed? […]

Consulting Services:

Patient Litigation Support

Using Analytical Chemistry Experts in Patent Litigation

Patent litigators will deal with a variety of branches of science throughout their career. When complex chemistry like the composition of a pharmaceutical product is involved the patent litigator will need to reach out to an experienced chemistry expert witness…..

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Scientific Expert Witness

7 Things To Look For In Selecting A Chemistry Expert Witness

Choosing an Expert witness can be confusing to someone without a background in chemistry. What kind of relevant training, subject matter experience, reliable methods, courtroom presence, independence, and credibility does the expert witness need?…..

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Regulation Consulting Services

How Analytical Laboratories Support Companies With Regulation Consulting

Analytical Testing Laboratories are able to help companies complete the regulatory approval process & get their products on the shelves. FDA & industry regulations can be very strict with modern customers demanding safer & environmentally friendly products….

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Product Recall Investigations

Product Recall Investigations

Every week it seems there is new nationwide product recalls. What impact does this have on these companies and how can these situations be prevented and/or solved?

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Patent Infringement Search

Patent Infringement Search

When should a patent infringement search be performed? Can you perform the patent search yourself and will a patent search reveal all potential results?

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Patent Infringement Search

Private Label Verse Formulation Lab

How to choose between using a private label manufacture or a product development laboratory to develop your product. What are the Pros & Cons. to each route

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Cosmetics Analysis:

Government Regulations Updates:

FDA inspector reviews meat sample

How the FDA is Affected by a Government Shutdown

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the safety of the foods, cosmetics, drugs and many other household products that we use and consume within the United States…..

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E-Cigarettes and Impending FDA Regulations

E-Cigarettes and the Impending FDA Tobacco Product Regulations

While the market for these innovative products continues to grow, the impending FDA regulation changes will require adaptations to current e-cig manufacturing practices.

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