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Why Use A Cosmetic Testing Laboratory for your Cosmetics Formulation?

While many entrepreneurs and small business owners that dream of entering the cosmetic industry have a good understanding of what ingredients can produce the many different shades of colors and properties that they would like to achieve, like anti-aging and advanced moisturizing, many do not know how to turn their idea into reality.

Cosmetic products can be surprisingly complicated for many individuals due to how the chemical properties in surfactants and other ingredient react with each other. During a cosmetics formulation knowing which stabilizers will work with your recipe as well as how much and when to add them can also create new problems that will need to be solved.

Cosmetic formulation laboratories can help to develop and refine your cosmetic products chemical composition which will allow you to create a safe, high quality, and stable product allowing you to get your product on the shelf faster than you may have thought possible.

Some modern analytical laboratories also provide chemical reverse engineering services. They can take samples from the current cosmetic products that you would like your product to be similar to, and provide you with the ingredients and recipe on how to make it yourself. Many manufactures use these services to identify what gives their competitor’s product that extra shine, faster drying time, or longer lasting look and use this knowledge to transfer these properties into their own product.

Cosmetic manufactures often use deformulation and reformulation services in order to take a traditional cosmetic product on the shelf today and reformulate it in an eco-friendly way. This process results in a new and improved all natural version of the original sample and is increasing in popularity due to consumer shifts towards purchasing natural and organic products.