We remain open as an essential business to support our clients' needs during the fight against COVID-19.

This includes direct support of COVID-19 vaccines and therapies, formulation development and modification, small-batch manufacturing, and assistance with testing or reconfiguring products or production to support the crisis.  Learn more about our COVID-19 response.


Why Do Your Products Need Chemical Analysis?

Why Do Your Products Need Chemical Analysis?


Bringing new products to the market is an expensive proposition and our professional chemical analysis services are the proactive way to limit any financial liabilities before they occur. Thoroughly testing goods before they are introduced to the general public is imperative because many consumer goods are produced from chemicals that could potentially pose a serious threat to the planet and life in general. Our team of experts regularly works with leading industries, and our clients always know the best ways to protect consumers and eliminate the introduction of contaminants to the environment.

Our suite of services include expert analysis by a state-of-the-art lab that is staffed with experienced professionals, so clients always get accurate results from our chemical analysis of any products. We routinely test for contaminants and take pride in helping clients ensure the safety of their own customers. Reverse engineering is another essential way to ensure consumer protection, and our services provide further insight into the chemical makeup of a particular product. This ensures that if the component parts break down over time, manufacturers know the different chemicals that may be released.

Ensuring the purity of a particular product is another option that we offer our clients, and our chemical analysis services are the proactive option for clients in the pharmaceutical and food industries. We also offer expert problem-solving that relies on our chemical analysis services to make the minor adjustments that some products require during the manufacturing process. During the research and development phase, we work directly with many of the leading industries and assist our clients with professional service, timely results and a positive feedback loop.

With professional chemists on staff and the latest laboratory equipment at our team’s disposal, our services are the proactive way for manufacturers to address the issues of purity, contamination and consumer safety. We also provide problem-solving services and routinely provide detailed information about deformulation and quality control.