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This includes direct support of COVID-19 vaccines and therapies, formulation development and modification, small-batch manufacturing, and assistance with testing or reconfiguring products or production to support the crisis.  Learn more about our COVID-19 response.


What Is Formulation Services?

What Is Formulation Services?

Formulation services are essentially another name for product development services.  The term is relevant in the industry, often being used by pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, but can apply to the development of everything from new types of electrolytes in batteries to cleaning supplies.
During product formulation, an entrepreneur or manufacturer’s initial ideas are transformed into a finished product.  Research is done to identify the best active ingredients to accomplish the end goal and how to put those active ingredients into a form that is safe, usable, and is stable over time.
Often times formulation services are paired with deformulation services.  Deformulation essentially is product reverse engineering.  A company that performs these services will be able to identify a products major, minor, and active ingredient as well as quantify them within the product. Many companies like to know exactly what active ingredients and additives give their competitor’s product that extra boost in performance before they begin their own product design and development.

This technique also helps to save time and costs during the product development stages by taking advantage of past research put into current products.  It is important to make sure that while you can use this data as a good base, that you have variations made to the products formulation to make the product truly your own.

Synonyms for “formulation” include:
·         Preparation
·         Product Development
·         Generation
·         Composition
·         Conceptualization
·         Product Design
·         Formula Development
·         Formation
Opposite to “Formulation”:
·         Reverse Engineering
·         Deformulation
About Avomeen:
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