We remain open as an essential business to support our clients' needs during the fight against COVID-19.

This includes direct support of COVID-19 vaccines and therapies, formulation development and modification, small-batch manufacturing, and assistance with testing or reconfiguring products or production to support the crisis.  Learn more about our COVID-19 response.


The Right Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory Can Help To Solve Your Complex Pharma Problem

The Right Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory Can Help To Solve Your Complex Pharma Problem

From helping with a pharmaceutical or supplements product development to navigating the FDA approval process, the right pharmaceutical testing laboratory can help solve your complex analytical needs.  When larger drug developers and manufactures want to venture into something outside of their usual focus or smaller supplement manufactures want to solve a problem without investing unnecessary resources into in to expanding their in-house laboratory for a temporary or unusual problem, many turn to contract analytical laboratories.
These Pharmaceutical testing laboratories can assist with a drug products method development and validation, competitor product analysis at a chemical level, identify a contamination or unknown material and determine a solution to removing it, determine a chemicals characterization, preform extractable & leachable testing, and determine a pharmaceuticals shelf life or product stability.
Many of these laboratories will work closely with your staff in order to determine a solution to your needs in a fast and reliable way.  Their ability to perform batch-to-batch testing and other quality control services makes them a very reliable and beneficial relationship to develop in order to identify and solve problems before they become a larger issue.  Their product development services also allow them to fill in any holes in your current product innovation and development abilities.
About Avomeen:
Avomeen Analytical Services is a FDA-Registered and cGMP-Compliant contract analytical laboratory located in Ann Arbor, MI.  Its nationwide laboratory specializes in solving complex analytical problems, material testing & identification, quality control, and product development services.