Avomeen Leadership


Mark Harvill, M.A.

Chief Executive Officer

Mark has held leadership positions in global contract research organizations (CROs) for the past 23 years.  Throughout Mark’s CRO career, his teams have developed industry-leading client-relationship teams to support approvals for numerous blockbuster drugs and medical devices, including three of the world’s top-selling drugs. As the leader of Avomeen, Mark works closely with the senior leadership and project teams to ensure the company delivers exceptional and innovative hard-to-solve product development challenges, while ensuring compliance with rigorous regulatory standards such as GMP, GLP and other industry standards.


Andrew C. Kolbert, Ph.D., M.T.M.

President/Chief Technical Officer  

Andrew has 20 years of experience executing and managing analytical and product development programs, both internally and in external organizations.  His expertise is analytical chemistry in highly regulated areas including pharmaceutical development and testing, food contact migration studies, extractables and leachables studies, food additive and food contact notification testing and registration, and pesticide and insecticide testing under FIFRA.  He has served as an expert witness to support litigation in the areas of pharmaceutical development and analytical testing.  He has participated in FDA pre-notification conferences, FDA site audits, and trained FDA inspectors on analytical technology.


Derek Beauchamp, Ph.D.

Sr. Technical Director, Analytical Sciences

Derek is an expert in a wide breadth of characterization techniques and the respective instrumentation and software such as p-XRD, single crystal XRD, thermal analysis (DSC and TGA), Crystal 16, Crystalline, NMR, FT-IR, TOF-MS, DART-MS, UV-VIS, gas sorption, HPLC, LC-MS, particle size analysis, GC, SEM, and Raman Spectroscopy. He has years of experience with pre-formulation development of small molecules and their physical properties and has designed and demonstrated large scale crystallization processes. He has also led the development of crystallization processes for a number of late discovery pre-clinical candidates.


Neelam Varshney, M.S., M.S.

Sr. Technical Director, Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Neelam has extensive experience in all CMC aspects of pharmaceutical products. Ranging from preclinical to post approval regulatory requirements, she has a wide breadth of experience in analytical development and validation of test methods, cleaning validation, product compliance for purity and safety, impurities identification and qualification, specification development and change control studies, stability monitoring programs, container-closure studies, extractable-leachable study designs, laboratory systems, protocol and report generation, 510(k), IND-NDA modules. She has spent 22 years in the pharmaceutical industry primarily applying ICH and other regulatory guidances to build compliant systems. She has experience in characterization techniques and instrumentation and software such as XRD, thermal analysis (DSC and TGA), NMR, FT-IR, TOF-MS, ICP-MS, UV-VIS, HPLC, UPLC, LC-MS, particle size analysis, GC, SEM and Raman Spectroscopy.


Evan Boyst

Sr. Technical Director, Innovation and Product Development

Evan has experience in developing formulations of cosmetics, food and beverage, architectural coatings, developing specialized coatings for customer applications, and designing real world experiments to validate them. He has facilitated the product launch from R&D to production of several products. Evan also excels at scale up and troubleshooting manufacturing equipment. Evan has worked in the analytical field, gaining expertise in ICPMS, SEM with EDXA, GC-MS, HPLC, FTIR, NMR, LD particle sizing, UV-Vis, and XRD.


Katie Morgan

Sr. Director, Marketing and Business Development

Katie has over a decade of experience establishing and implementing client development strategies. Her broad range of experience includes strategic contract development, marketing and content development, and recruitment. She is responsible for establishing, employing, and expanding initiatives to broaden relationships and enrich Avomeen’s client experience.


Ty Tessmer

Sr. Lead, Finance and Human Resources

Ty oversees the core administrative functions of finance, HR and facilities. With nearly 30 years of knowledge and expertise, he ensures proper business controls and reporting in all aspects of the company. Ty’s finance and HR experience spans numerous industries including laboratory services, technology and manufacturing.