Recent Developments in REACH Compliance Testing

Oct 16 2018

REACH, a regulation of the European Union, has the goal of protecting human and environmental health. REACH compliance is required for all chemicals in Europe. Companies must collect information on the properties, uses, and potential risks and hazards of substances they manufacture or import with quantities from 1 to 100 metric tons per year and…

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Pesticides in Oatmeal Could Have Been Detected Before Entering Food

Sep 6 2018

A precedent set by the jury at the Superior Court of California in San Francisco agrees with the case that the weed killer Roundup is capable of causing cancer following long-term exposure. Monsanto, the creator of the product, defends its product and the safety thereof. The pesticide ingredient glyphosate was found in August 2018 to…

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Amazon’s Shelf Life Requirements Explained

Aug 9 2018

As Amazon reaches further into the pool of consumer goods in a sweep to take care of the everyday needs of American consumers, foods and beverages have found their way onto the Amazon menu. Amazon Prime’s alliance with Whole Foods Market alongside the Amazon Pantry that allows for at-home grocery shopping and to-your-door delivery mean…

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Can I Deformulate Patented Products?

Jul 5 2018

Yes – reverse-engineering patented products is a fantastic way to learn how innovative products are formulated so that you can reformulate them at a more affordable price point or improve the overall formula. It is also a way for the market to ensure that products continually improve and pricing continues to become more accessible to…

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Common Reasons for Adhesive Failure

Jul 3 2018

Adhesives are a necessary part of our everyday lives. We use them to bind just about everything, so it’s essential that adhesives don’t fail in your products. Adhesives form airtight and watertight seals between products and remain intact for a significant periods of time, including up to 100 years. How do you know if your…

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What’s Contaminating Your Pharmaceutical Products?

Mar 29 2018

You believe your pharmaceutical facility is taking every precaution to prevent contamination, but then you discover that there are unidentified spots on a batch of tablets or particles floating in a liquid medication. What’s going on? That question may be difficult or even impossible to answer just from looking at your pharmaceutical product. There are…

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Medical Device Safety The Importance of Extractables & Leachables Testing

Mar 15 2018

Medical devices, whether they’re as simple as disposable examination gloves or as complex as pacemakers, must be proven to be biocompatible before they can go to market. Biocompatibility testing is especially important for devices that are designed to deliver a drug or come into contact with human tissue. Healthcare professionals need to know that no…

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Why Pharma Companies Must Invest in Method Development & Validation

Mar 8 2018

Method development is a key element of pharmaceutical development, and it can’t be overlooked when starting the process of creating a new drug. While it’s often considered routine, it’s integral to maintaining cost efficiency. With the right method development and validation guidelines in place, your company can optimize resources and save on development time. Optimize…

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How to Make Sure My Company's Medical Device Meets FDA Standards

Sep 1 2017

Getting your company’s medical device ready to bring to market means working to meet FDA standards. The FDA’s regulations help ensure your medical device is safe for the public, and there are various pathways toward achieving approval. The average timeline for medical device development is roughly 3-7 years, though actual production time can vary significantly…

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How to Make Sure Your 3D Printer Ink Won't Fail

Aug 22 2017

3D printing is such a new process that it is only in its infancy of possibilities for consumers, manufacturers and inventors. In the same vein, 3D ink is still being optimized. For budding 3D printers and professional printers alike, preventing 3D ink failure is essential to getting the most out your printed products. To make…

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