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Knowledge Center

We’re committed to helping share our knowledge and make a positive impact in the way we live and work. That’s why there’s always something new to learn in the Avomeen Knowledge Center, with consistently updated whitepapers, case studies, method overviews, and news about the latest scientific breakthroughs.


Deeply researched and thoroughly peer-reviewed, our whitepapers take the microscope to topics that affect our clients, their industries, and chemical analysts just like us. Our experts generously share knowledge they’ve gained from countless combined years of experience taking on chemical analysis challenges that others deemed impossible.

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Case Studies

Our expertise is real, and our case studies prove it. Find out exactly how Avomeen’s careful and customized analysis has helped biopharmaceutical and biotech product designers, producers, and manufacturers get the most out of their medicines, medical devices, and processes.

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Chemical Analysis Methods

When you talk with an Avomeen scientist, you’re getting consultation from profoundly well-trained and experienced men and women. But we don’t want to talk over your head; if you need a refresher on how we analyze your products and biopharmaceuticals, read our method overviews.

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The Avomeen Blog

Science doesn’t stop evolving. For us, it’s a passion, but keeping up in a world of digital news and up-to-the-minute breakthroughs is a challenge of its own. Learn about what new science will be affecting the products and industries with which we work and how it will affect chemical analysis now and in the future.

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