Transportation Testing & Analysis Lab

Vehicle design, production, and assembly are all carefully conducted and monitored processes that involve input from highly skilled experts in a number of fields. Motor and aerospace vehicles are machines of incredible precision that make use of metals, polymers, plastics, and rubber to power trips from our everyday commutes to transportation of heavy machinery.

Avomeen’s transportation chemical testing & lab services help bring vehicles in the transportation industry to life. Our analyses provide the precise information your teams need to design and assemble vehicles for private, commercial, and industrial use.

How Can Avomeen Help in the Transportation Industry?

The applications are so far-reaching in the automotive industry that the possibility for chemical analysis to improve the potential of your vehicle is vast.

Our metals testing capabilities allow us to examine characteristics of metal such as microstructure, plating thickness, grain flow, surface condition, and surface contamination. We can discover issues that have arisen from the negligence of suppliers, trouble with production or manufacturing processes, and unfavorable interactions of metals and the substances they come into contact with.

The transportation analysis lab includes such advanced instrumentation and methods as:

  • Spectroscopy (ICP-AES, ICP-MS, AES)
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Energy-Dispersive X-Ray (EDS)
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Should you encounter a recurring problem at any stage of vehicle development, including the design process and post-market, look to the Ph.D.-backed capabilities of Avomeen’s transportation testing lab.

Moving Transportation Forward

The Avomeen team’s specialty is taking on projects that other laboratories are incapable of taking. We relish fresh challenges, and we’re not afraid to dive into the unknown.

Through our breadth of knowledge in testing an analyzing plastics, polymers, metals, and other common materials used throughout the transportation industry, we can assist in finding new ways to do more with the transportation designs we already have.

Our experts can help you discover ways to take advantage of your materials to improve vehicle performance, carrying capacity, weight, fuel usage, and perhaps even rethink ways that you can extend a vehicle design’s current capabilities.

Look to our failure analysis expertise to ensure that current and future product failures don’t cause greater complications such as product recalls or compromise the safety of vehicle operators.

Sample Preservation Testing for Sensitive Projects

Products in the transportation industry may be big, but that doesn’t mean that your chemical analysis projects have to be. If you have only a small amount of sample available and want to run tests before implementing the sample into a design set for mass manufacturing, rely on the careful and thorough sample preservation analysis provided by our rigorously trained teams.

We can perform a range of transportation-related chemical testing that can keep the majority of your sample intact and use only a small amount of sample to achieve astounding results. Before you begin manufacturing vehicles for the transportation industry on a large scale, ensure your parts and materials are prepared for market with sample preservation testing.

Better Transportation Is on the Horizon

Transportation will always be part of our nation’s infrastructure, and as that network grows, so too will the need for better, more fuel-efficient, and resilient transportation. On-demand online ordering and same-day fulfillment for people and businesses signal a shift in transportation expectations; get ahead of the curve with the help of one of the nation’s most experienced chemical analysis teams at Avomeen.

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