Pharmaceutical Preformulation

Failure during the pre-formulation or formulation stage of a drug product can result in costly delays within a pre-clinical development program.  Our pharmaceutical development and support laboratory can help with your API characterization and dosage form design.  Our pre-formulation studies will deliver you a plan that will provide a reliable formulation program and can accelerate your drug product’s path to market.


      • Raw Material Sourcing
      • Salt Screening & Selection
      • Particle Size Morphology Analysis
      • Polymorph Screening
      • Distribution Coefficients
      • Solubility Profile
        • Aqueous
        • pH
        • Organic
      • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) – Drug Excipient Interaction Compatibility
      • Stability of API Under Various Factors
        • Heat
        • Light
        • pH
      • Microstructural Analysis & Structural Identification
      • API Characterization
      • Novel Technologies
      • Dissociation Constants
      • Hygroscopicity & Lipophilicity
      • Surface Tension Analysis
      • Psychochemical Characterization
      • Moisture Content
      • Powder Flow Testing
      • Polymorphism Studies
      • Excipient Selection

Avomeen’s formulation development team can help you overcome the complex problems that often arise in the drug development process. The experts at Avomeen Analytical Services can solve even the most complex pharmaceutical development challenges, including developing solutions to compounds with poor solubility, low bioavailability, short half-life, low permeability, gastric intolerability, and poor physical stability.  Let us develop the proper formulation strategy for you through our detailed pre-formulation study.

Analytical Support

      • Method Development & Validation
      • Stability, Degradation, & Release Studies
      • Extractables & Leachables
      • Clinical Trial Manufacturing (CTM)
      • Physical & Chemical Characterization
      • Unknown Compound Identification
      • API Analytical Profiling
      • Toxicology Analysis
      • Chemical Synthesis
      • Technical Consulting

Avomeen’s full-services analytical testing laboratory (CRO) can help you through all of the stages of your drug development project.  Let our experts help take your pharmaceutical product to market.

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