Chemical Migration / Extractable and Leachable Package Testing Services

Chemicals can leach out of the packaging and other materials into the products that they contain or surround.  This is especially important in food and pharmaceutical products where safety becomes a concern due to what chemicals may leach into these products.

Other than just safety concerns chemical migration can affect items like metals and polymers as well.  It may cause off-color, off-odor, or performance issues.

Regulations vary from what may extract or leach out of a product depending on the industry and use of the product.  When human or animal consumption is involved, or for industrial products used in the production of food or pharmaceuticals, independent testing should be performed to ensure that above-regulated levels of chemicals do not transfer out of the package’s material.

Avomeen’s scientists can perform migration studies on a variety of packaging materials including recycled plastics, paper, metals, metal, and synthetic packaging.

Other related services include:

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