Analytical Textile Laboratory

Textile testing services from Avomeen offer a wide range of services for all variety of textiles from clothing, apparel, and accessories. Avomeen can lend support whether you are developing a new textile product, need quality control, or failure analysis services.

Avomeen can perform a variety of sealant and adhesive testing services:
Product Design & Development
• Performance Testing
Quality Control Laboratory
Failure Analysis & Troubleshooting
Contaminant Identification
Product Reverse Engineering
• Stability Testing

Adhesive products can be developed for a variety of applications:
• Men’s, women’s, children’s clothing
• Outwear, socks, swimwear
• Belts, handbags, gloves
• Carpet, drapes, furniture parts
• Animal, plant, mineral, synthetic, textiles

Avomeen preforms textile testing for a variety of reasons:
• Government regulatory requirements
• Labeling, flammability, colorfastness, skewing, appearance
• Strength, product attribute, and other performance tests
• Test for or reformulate for stain repellency, water resistance, wicking, and wrinkle resistance
• Compliance with product specifications

Our Analytical Textile Laboratory can also test for:
• Lead
• Plastics, polymers, metals, glass, coatings, paints
• Phthalates
• Nickel
• Formaldehyde
• Mercury
• Toxins in packaging

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