Solving Complex Manufacturing Problems

It’s common sense in the manufacturing industry that the better quality products typically sell at a higher price.  Combine a higher selling point with decreased production costs and you will experience better profits.  So if you found a way to do both of these things in a way that can be costly up front, but will help improve your overall situation in the long term, why would you not jump on the opportunity?

Avomeen is a growing analytical laboratory that has seen rapid growth in the last couple of years due to its ability to help manufacturers solve complex problems including:

  • You and your competitors sell similar quality products, but something in their product formulation is allowing them to produce their product at a lower cost, which they pass on to their customers.  This price difference is driving more of your customers to switch to their products.  Avomeen can compare both your own and your competitor’s products to identify the exact differences in their formulations.  In past work alternative fillers or additives have been identified that perform similarly within the product, but the raw materials are significantly lower in price to your current ingredients.  Avomeen can use this information to reformulate your product incorporating the newly found and lower cost ingredients.
  • You’re in a market selling a product that works great, but it gives off an unpleasant odor.  Everyone else’s product in your market has the same issue though due to a smell caused by a key active ingredient, so it hasn’t been a huge concern.  Avomeen can analyze your product and reformulate it into a superior product by either neutralizing or masking the odor.  The result will leave you with a product that your customers will be happy to pay more for and that new potential customers will want.
  • Perform an analysis of your product to identify strengths and weaknesses.  Then using the latest techniques available improve your product’s performance.  This could involve increasing shelf life, lowering production costs, adjusting odor/appearance, improve cleaning strength, and more.  This improved product can help your company be more competitive in your market or reach into new markets.
  • Have an unknown material that has started showing up in your product and believe that it is causing your products to fail?  Avomeen can identify the material and determine the source then develop a solution to both solve the current problem and help prevent it from happening again in the future.
  • Have good quality products but want to keep up with consumer trends?  From anti-aging properties in cosmetics, antioxidants in beverages, all-natural ingredients within cleaning products and more.  Avomeen can help develop new products based off of your innovative ideas or reformulate existing products on the market.
  • Believe that a competitor is infringing on your patent?  Avomeen can analyze both your own and your competitor’s products, identifying ingredients and production processes to verify or disprove patent infringement. 
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