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Advanced Manufactured Product Testing & Analysis

Avomeen’s manufactured product testing lab offers support for a wide variety of product types including paints and coatings, chemicals, cleaners, adhesives and sealants, plastics and polymers, rubbers and beyond. Our team of consultative, knowledgeable scientists have experience working with companies of all sizes from entrepreneurial start-ups to some of the world’s largest companies.

Avomeen stands ready to partner with you to tackle challenges head-on. In our manufacturing testing lab, our experienced scientists can perform a variety of services including competitor analysis, product failure analysis, reverse engineering, quality control testing, and more to ensure that your product is in its best form for commercialization. Let our experts address your problem head-on and solve your complicated analytical questions to provide the innovative solutions you’re looking for.

Avomeen brings:

Dedicated, trained, and experienced innovation and formulation experts who custom design projects for your specific needs and use Decades of expertise in formulation, product development, innovation, packaging selection, regulatory consulting, and more A purpose-built laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and testing equipment, including SEM/EDXA, ICP-MS, DSC and TGA

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Manufacturing Testing Lab: Common Myths & Misconceptions

Releasing a new product or updating the manufacturing process of an existing product doesn’t have to be difficult. Avomeen believes our partnership and support can help you achieve anything. We’re here to dismiss common myths about manufacturing labs and the hardships of product development.

Myth #1: My company is too small to work with Avomeen.

Avomeen has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes from startups to companies you’d recognize at national distributors and retailers. We’re ready to partner with you to help you turn your big dreams into reality.

Myth #2: My idea isn’t formed enough to work with a lab.

Although having a fully formed concept or idea can help the process go more quickly, it isn’t totally necessary. Avomeen’s formulation and innovation experts will work with you from early concepting to production to ensure your needs are fully met.

Myth #3: The previous manufacturer I was using owns rights to my product’s formulation, so I will have to create an entirely new product.

Avomeen’s formulation experts can deformulate, or reverse engineer, any product to identify original components or create a completely new formula, which your organization will own the intellectual property (IP) rights to. This enables you to own your formula in its entirety. You will no longer be limited to a particular manufacturer, distributor or vendor.

Comprehensive Manufacturing Product Testing Support

Product Deformulation

Chemical reverse engineering, commonly known as deformulation, is the method of analyzing a product’s formulation to identify individual components and quantify those specific components. In product development and manufacturing, this process is vital recovering lost formulas or enhancing existing product formulas to meet performance or regulatory specifications. Avomeen’s deformulation laboratory can identify and quantify both major and minor components within a variety of products. Deformulation often leads to product reformulation, another area of expertise for Avomeen’s team of innovators and formulation scientists.

Product Reformulation

Product reformulation is taking the existing formulation and modifying specific components to improve the overall performance, change various physical properties or even make the product more environmentally friendly. Our team of expert formulators can change colors, scents, textures and other aspects to meet regulatory requirements, improve performance, or make minor modifications to meet established performance and ingredient criteria. Some formulations may need major changes whereas in others, slight tweaks can result in an optimized formula with peak performance.

Formulation Development

If you’re interested in developing a new innovative product, Avomeen has more than 30 years of combined experience developing a breadth of formulations across a wide range of industries. Our expertise extends from industrial manufacturing to personal care to green and eco-friendly products. In our purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities, our consultative team is equipped to offer a comprehensive and tailored formulation development process. With Avomeen’s collective expertise, you can rest assured the product you envisioned will be the product delivered.

Small Batch Manufacturing

Developing a new product may be a challenge and sometimes that challenge is the formulation’s stability. Avomeen offers small batch manufacturing to help our clients gauge the changes needed to make their product a success. Our goal is to create the dream formulation, so our clients can move from development to larger-scale operations in the manufacturing process. Avomeen’s accurate testing and analysis can give your small batch an edge and allow you to make necessary changes based on scientific data.

Packaging Compatibility & Selection

Packaging is the first thing a consumer notices when looking to make a purchase and it may potentially be one of the reasons a consumer chooses your product over a competitor. No matter the industry, it’s important to determine a cost-effective option that makes the most sense for both the product and your brand. Avomeen’s packaging selection expertise and industry relationships to help you select the perfect packaging for your product while conforming to applicable regulatory standards and guidelines.

Scale Up & Manufacturing Support

One of the last steps prior to commercialization is scaling up your formulation to meet production needs. Avomeen has the expertise to make the scale-up and transfer process seamless whether you’re manufacturing in-house or partnering with an external facility. Additionally, Avomeen offers small batch manufacturing which may be useful in perfecting your formulation and scale-up plan prior to engaging your chosen external manufacturer.

Competitor Product Analysis

Utilizing a variety of advanced instrumentation allows our expert formulators to understand your top competitor’s products. In turn, our team of scientists are able to identify key differences and make recommendations for potential product improvements. Our analyses can identify, characterize and quantify the components within a sample to better understand product flaws, potential contamination hazards, safety concerns, regulatory issues, and more. Let our team of expert formulators then reformulate your product to outperform your top competitors in the marketplace.

Efficacy Testing

Gain competitive advantage through transparent safety and efficacy testing. Efficacy testing provides support for marketing claims and can improve the marketability of your products. Whether you are developing new products or entering new markets, you need to partner with a reliable laboratory to conduct your safety and efficacy testing. Avomeen’s skilled team can analyze your current formulation to offer targeted improvements which can increase the overall effectiveness of your product, confirm shelf life or determine if your product would benefit from reformulation and/or formulation optimization.

Regulatory Compliance

Avomeen comprehensive suite of services to our clients including regulatory compliance. We have extensive experience within the regulatory landscape to provide both the testing and consulting required to get your product to market and ensure you remain compliant with regulatory guidance and requirements. Our team of regulatory experts are ready to provide timely strategic advice to you and your organization, ensuring compliance and resolving any issues. We have experience successfully working with a variety of regulatory agencies, including:

  • State-specific regulations, including California Proposition 65 (Prop 65)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP)
  • European Union (EU)
  • European Medicines Agency (EMA)

Food Contact Testing

Any new material that will be marketed for use with food in the United States requires a pre-marketing approval from the FDA. Some of these products include packaging materials, baking or cooking materials, beverage can coatings, inks and adhesives and more. Avomeen’s food contact testing laboratory can testing all of that and more to meet regulatory standards in the United States, Europe, China, Germany, Japan, France and Korea. Additionally, we have extensive expertise in handling a variety of food contact materials such as polymers, plastics, rubbers, silicone, adhesives, sealants, non-stick coating, ceramics, glass, paper, metals, wood and more.

Litigation Support

When you need an expert witness on your side, Avomeen has the knowledge, technology and expertise to help you win your case. Let us apply standard test methods or develop custom test methods as needed. Our scientific expert witnesses are skilled in patent infringement and intellectual property disputes, contamination analysis and identification, product failure or manufacturing defects, trade secret violations, product liability cases, counterfeit products, personal injury cases requiring investigational analytical services and more.

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Choosing the Right Industrial and Manufacturing Product CRO to Partner With

If you’re looking to meet regulatory requirements, develop a new product, or switch manufacturers, Avomeen has the capability to tailor protocols, develop custom methods, and create new and innovative products that meet your specific needs. We offer more than just data; Avomeen provides comprehensive end-to-end support for each client we serve. We understand the value of IP, and when you partner with Avomeen, the rights for formulations developed are transferrable to your organization. Tell us about the challenges you’re facing, and we’ll partner with you to turn your big ideas into reality. Reach out and connect with an expert to get a proposal today.

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