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Diagnostics Testing Lab

Dependable Diagnostic Data

With decades of experience from a wide variety of disciplines including analytical sciences, polymer chemistry, and failure analysis, Avomeen’s laboratories are equipped with leading-edge instrumentation for the most discriminating analytical applications.

Avomeen’s rigorous scientific approach can help you better understand shortfalls in product accuracy or device failure. Our expert, consultative Ph.D. scientists have a proven track record of assisting with technological innovation, accelerating time to market, and reducing product failure.

Our scientific capabilities fit perfectly into the diagnostics industry, including:

Next Generation COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Development Partner

Avomeen is actively seeking co-development partnerships to share in the development costs for the next generation of COVID-19 diagnostic tests. Our expertise spans a broad range of diagnostic tests, including:

  • Molecular diagnostic tests
  • Antigen diagnostic tests
  • Serology and antibody tests
  • Neutralizing antibody and virus neutralization assays

In addition to diagnostic test development, Avomeen’s teams of consultative scientists can support COVID-19 Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) submissions to FDA.

Service Specialties

Avomeen’s Ph.D.-led teams of knowledgeable scientists have expertise in a wide range of scientific applications, supporting the entire diagnostic product development lifecycle, including:

Why Partner with Avomeen?

Diagnostic manufacturers trust Avomeen’s decades of industry experience and numerous Ph.D. scientists to ensure their project needs are met and expectations are exceeded. Here are some of the benefits of partnering with us:

  • cGMP compliant, FDA registered, DEA licensed
  • Consultative, flexible, and responsive staff
  • Project customization to your specific needs
  • Experience in solving difficult analytical and formulation challenges
  • Delivery within tight timelines
  • Up-to-date regulatory knowledge to ensure compliance

Let’s work together to achieve your vision

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