Bath & Body Care Products


Avomeen’s chemists can perform a wide range of product testing services on a variety of bath and body care products.

From advanced product testing to new product development they can help ensure that your product is safe, effective, and ready for your customer’s use.

Bath & Body Products Tested Include:

  • Dental Care, Toothpaste, Teeth Whitening & MouthwashesBath & body products testing and analysis
  • Hair Removal, Shaving Cream & Gels
  • Sunscreen, Bronzers & Self-Tanners
  • Lotion, Moisturizer & Cleansers
  • Soap, Shampoo & Conditioners
  • Hair Spray, Creams, & Gels
  • Deodorant, Perfume, Cologne, Body Sprays
  • Body Scrub & Exfoliates
  • Bug Repellents
  • Other Cosmetic Products

Avomeen’s Experienced Chemists Can Help Its Clients In a Variety of Situations Including:

Case Study:
Problem: Competitors’ Products Were More Innovative
Service: Product Reformulation
Solution: A lotion manufacturer was getting outsold by their competitor’s new line of products.  Avomeen’s chemists reformulated one of their several products to develop new and innovative product hybrids.  Avomeen was able to modify their lotion product formulations to include new unique qualities such as the addition of ingredients to produce self-tanning properties, skin-firming, and anti-aging properties.

The manufacturer was able to take their products new formulations and use it to help them stand out in a competitive industry.

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