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Food Testing Services – Food & Beverage Analysis Lab

When bringing a food or beverage product to market, companies often need a laboratory partner equipped to provide not only high testing efficiency and data quality, but also expert support from start to finish. Avomeen’s food & beverage laboratory services are designed to provide customized analytical solutions, specific to your needs. We offer a variety of food testing lab services including batch-to-batch variation analysis, safety and regulatory consulting, label migration studies, gluten and other common allergens testing, shelf-life analysis, food contact testing, and more!

In addition to extensive technical food and beverage analysis capabilities, Avomeen’s expert scientists make our food testing services stand out from more routine food testing labs. As food and beverage pros, our team can leverage our experience to help predict, detect, and correct problems, from early-stage product development to at-scale production. We offer consulting services to identify and solve manufacturing issues, including through on-site assistance, to improve procedures and processing within food production facilities. Our team can troubleshoot various production issues, including off-color/off-odor products, packaging compatibility challenges, contaminations, and more. Avomeen can work closely with your company every step of the way to ensure your food and beverage products are of the highest possible quality for consumers.


Comprehensive Expertise in Food & Beverage Analysis and Consulting

In such a competitive market, its crucial to both create an excellent product and ensure that foods meet regulatory quality standards. Any issue can threaten to negatively impact customer perception and regulatory adherence, thereby placing significant risk on your company. Thus, having a rigorous and independent analytical team at your disposal adds significant value.

Building on a long history of success, Avomeen’s food testing lab provides the accurate information you need for vital decision-making, while de-risking development and manufacturing operations. For more detail on how Avomeen’s food testing services and expert consulting can help your food and beverage product, read about our specific expert capabilities highlighted below.

Food and Beverage Testing Services

  • Shelf-life testing – Shelf-life testing is intended to measure quality factors that define the food or beverage and the point at which it is no longer acceptable to the consumer. We offer a full range of capabilities to assess product stability, including ambient, refrigerated, frozen, freeze-dried (gas finished or oxygen packed), vacuum-packed (sous vide), modified atmosphere packaging, and accelerated shelf-life testing.
  • Food Contact Testing – It is extremely important to understand how packaging materials that contact food products impact the final product. As a result, food contact testing is a core component of our food testing services. Avomeen can help you test packaging materials and manufacturing equipment, as well as design and execute food contact migration studies.
  • Food & Nutritional Label Chemistry – Analytical testing to establish or verify nutritional content of a product (such as calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, sodium, etc.) is essential to accurate food labeling. Avomeen’s extensive laboratory capabilities can inform nutritional labels with accurate and thorough analyses matched to regulatory standards.Processed Food Quality – Extensive quality assurance testing is needed to guarantee a safe and appealing food or beverage product. Avomeen is fully equipped to deliver comprehensive quality testing for processed foods, including microbial or chemical contamination, batch-to-batch variation, and allergen detection testing. With our compatible laboratory instrumentation, LC/MS analysis of food and beverage products can detect contaminants in PPM and PPB levels.
  • Microbiology – Microbiological safety is a particularly important quality indicator in foods and beverages. Thus, detection of potential pathogenic contaminants is critical to ensuring the safety of food products, including fresh meat and produce. We can work closely with clients to verify food safety process management systems by testing at various processing points. Additionally, we are experienced in mycotoxin testing with validated LC/MS methods with low limits of detection.
  • Food Method Development – Clients looking to adjust their manufacturing processes, utilize new raw materials, or comply with regulations may need to develop and validate their analytical methods. Avomeen’s technical experts can develop and validate custom methods tailored to your individual product needs. Our experience even includes more nuanced and challenging analyses, such as those needed for specific food matrices, edible oils, nitrosamine detection, and beyond.
  • Environmental Monitoring – To assess effective cleaning in food & beverage manufacturing facilities, companies need a robust environmental monitoring program. Avomeen’s scientists can conduct on-site visits to develop and validate environmental monitoring protocols, and our food and beverage laboratory is equipped to support associated testing.
  • Import Hold Testing – The U.S. FDA can hold and examine shipments of food at ports of entry to ensure compliance with applicable U.S. regulations. Our scientists can support clients through this hold and inspection process and conduct necessary analyses to meet release requirements.

Food and Beverage Consulting Services

  • Problem-Solving – Our consulting scientists can troubleshoot a wide range of issues, including off-odor/off-color products, product contamination, and manufacturing process issues. Clients can leverage Avomeen’s full range of laboratory services and production site visits to find the cause of these problems and source rapid fixes. Avomeen can also work proactively, by consulting on manufacturing process improvement, plant design/redesign, and process flow.
  • Food Contact – With experience in both food contact testing and preparing dossiers for end use and registration of new food contact substances (FCS), Avomeen is equipped to consult on world-wide food contact regulations, design protocols, manufacturing processes, food contact approval applications, and more.
  • Retailer-Specific Standards – Avomeen’s food and beverage experts can address chemistry and formulation requirements needed for submission packages to retailers including Whole Foods and Amazon.
  • Primary Market Research – Our team can help you better understand your market space and product through primary market research including focus groups, taste panels, and mall intercept studies, as well as actively recruited specialty market research programs. We can help identify specific niches, competitors, market value, and more to support product success.
  • Food Deformulation & Invention – We have proven success in developing chemically-based products, including sugar substitutes, sodas, protein powders, spice mixtures, and more.


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Pet Food Testing Services

Avomeen’s food testing services additionally extend to pet food testing, given Avomeen’s significant experience supporting the production of safe food products for our non-human companions. In addition to the relevant services above, Avomeen can perform guarantee analysis testing of pet foods and treats, microbiological assessments, and more. Importantly, we are well-versed in pet food industry regulations, including testing adherence to AAFCO standards.

Why Choose Avomeen for Your Food Testing Services?

When working with Avomeen, you can expect the highest levels of experimental excellence, food and beverage analysis expertise, critical problem-solving, and thoughtful collaboration. However, that isn’t where the benefits end. Our clients can also tap into the impressive collection of labs and experts across the globe within Element’s network of labs. As a member of the Element network, Avomeen can also source additional expertise and provide geographic flexibility. Additionally, here are some of the benefits of partnering with Avomeen and Element for your food or beverage product:

  • Cutting edge facilities and instrumentation
  • cGMP compliant, FDA registered
  • Consultative, flexible, and responsive staff
  • Project customization to your specific needs
  • A wealth of experience in solving analytical, regulatory, and manufacturing process challenges
  • Delivery within tight timelines
  • Up-to-date regulatory knowledge to ensure compliance

Let’s work together to achieve your vision

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