cleaning product testing servicesAvomeen can perform a variety of product testing and development services for household, commercial, and industrial cleaning products.

Avomeen’s Experienced Chemists Provide a Variety of Cleaning Product Testing Services:


New Cleaning Product Formulation Services:
Our laboratory can innovate new cleaning products based on your specifications. After determining your new product concept feasibility, our chemists can perform all the necessary product research and development services needed to get your products ready for sale to your customers.
We can develop a range of household, commercial, and industrial products in a variety of forms including bars, liquids, powders, gels, sprays, and pastes.  During the development process we will develop several prototypes for you to review and critique.Our expert cleaning product formulation chemists will make sure that your new product is safe, effective, and ready for your customers enjoyment.

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Avomeen’s Chemists have Experience Testing & Developing a Wide Range of Cleaning Products Including:

Household Cleaning Product Testing Lab
Commercial Cleaning Products Lab
Industrial Cleaning Product Analysis Lab
All-Purpose CleanersBar, Soaps, Sprays, Foams & Gels

Laundry Detergents & Whitening Aids

Automotive Wipes, Polishes & Waxes

Hard Water Removers

Dish-Washing Products

Glass, Wood & Metal Cleaning Products

Oven, Shower, Toilet, Tub & Tile Cleaners

Drain Openers


Carpet CleanersHard-Surface Cleaners

Floor Cleaners, Polishes & Waxes

Furniture Cleaners

Commercial Dish-Washing liquids

Car/Truck Washes & Protectants

Commercial Laundry Detergents

Odor Eliminating Products

Janitorial Cleaners

Air Care Products

Scale, Lime, Calcium & Rust RemoversDairy Cleaners

Food & Brewery Cleaners

Industrial Equipment Cleaners

Pharmaceutical Equipment Cleaners

Industrial Sterilizers & Disinfectants

Metal Cleaners

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