Polymer and Plastic Contamination Analysis

polymer plastic contamination analysis


Too often in manufacturing an unknown contaminant will appear within the production of a polymer or plastic product.  This contamination may appear within the item’s coating, additives, elastomers, or a number of other areas.

These contaminants can range from inorganic to organic materials in a variety of forms, from gasses, liquids, or various types of solids.

Avomeen’s chemists are experts at maintaining a product’s quality control through batch to batch testing, raw material testing, method development and validation and other analytical services.

Our chemists can solve product failure problems in a fast and efficient way identifying the contaminant, determining its source, and developing a reliable solution.

Avomeen’s scientists use a variety of different instrumentation and methods including:

  • GC and LC, MS
  • HPLC
  • FTIR
  • ICP
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