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Rheology Testing Lab

Polymer Rheology Laboratory

Polymer rheology laboratory from Avomeen performs testing on polymeric materials to analyze their rheological properties. Polymers, liquids, adhesives, and more are ideal samples for rheological characterization.

Understanding the rheological properties of a material helps optimize the molding process for polymers. Knowing how a polymer flows under different temperatures and other conditions can help to ensure minimal product degradation and proper processing during the manufacturing process.

Avomeen’s rheology labs are able to analyze and identify rheology properties within samples. This is useful for determining molding parameters, analyzing a material’s performance, and in degradation studies. Knowing the rheological properties of liquids and polymeric products allows for proper optimization in the manufacturing process saving our clients potential waste and costs.

Rheology Analysis

  • Thermal Stability
  • Single-Point Tests
  • Extensional Analysis
  • Shear-Rate Tests
  • Melt Flow Rate
  • Melt Flow Index
  • Rotational Rheology Testing
  • Capillary Rheometry Shear Sweep

ASTM & ISO Methods Utilized

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