Chemical Migration Studies


There is a risk of contamination at every stage of the manufacturing and supply chain. Chemicals can leach out of packaging and other materials into the products that they contain or surround. With paper or plastic packaging, chemicals can migrate from the packaging into the product. Chemicals cannot migrate from inert materials such as glass or ceramic, but it is still possible for chemicals to migrate from the inner surface of these containers or secondary packaging components into the product. Through advanced testing, Avomeen can help you demonstrate that your products and packaging materials are in compliance with applicable regulations.

Avomeen’s scientists can develop customized methods and perform chemical migration studies to identify all potential leachants on a variety of packaging materials including recycled plastics, paper, metal, and synthetic materials. In addition to taking into account the packaging material and product contained within, we will use multiple analytical approaches to determine how other factors such as temperature and length of storage time will affect the chemicals leaching into the product.

Regulations vary for what chemicals may extract or leach out of a product depending on the industry and use of the product. When human or animal consumption is involved, or for industrial products used in the production of food or pharmaceuticals, an independent chemical migration analysis should be performed to ensure that the overall migration from the packaging material to the product does not exceed the acceptable levels detailed within current regulations and standards. For products such as medical devices, nasal sprays, and prepackaged food, a chemical migration study is essential to ensure that patients and consumers do not suffer from the adverse effects of chemical leaching.

Beyond basic safety concerns, chemical migration can affect the characteristics of items such as metals and polymers, leading to off-color, off-odor, or performance issues. Not only could this make products difficult to market, but it could also result in expensive recalls or litigation if the product causes unexpected harm.

Our capabilities go far beyond chemical migration analysis. With a large team of experienced scientists and multiple specialized laboratories, Avomeen can help resolve your biggest manufacturing challenges.

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