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Biopharmaceutical Testing Services

Navigating Biopharmaceutical Drug Development

Developing a biopharmaceutical drug from a promising pre-clinical candidate to a finished, FDA-approved product requires extensive bioanalytical testing and a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape at every checkpoint.

In today’s competitive, rapidly-advancing world of biopharmaceutical drug development, more and more companies are choosing to outsource aspects of this work to organizations like Avomeen. With our guidance, we can help eliminate negative surprises while helping you prepare the best possible product and regulatory application.

Support Throughout Biopharmaceutical Product Development

Planning is essential throughout the drug development process to ensure you’re ready for each new stage of development, drug design, and finally, manufacturing. Avomeen is a trusted research partner throughout this journey, maximizing efficiency, timelines, and results.

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Biopharmaceutical Testing Services

Our regulatory and scientific experts act as an extension of your team. Rather than working through specific services, we use our industry know-how to help you achieve your bigger picture goals. To do so, we draw on a range of service specialties, including:


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Scientific Innovation & Agility

Our team of technical and biopharmaceutical experts apply innovative scientific thinking, regulatory insights, and an array of techniques and instrumentation to meet your diverse bioanalytical needs and challenges.

Responsive Partner

Think of us as an extension of your scientific, legal, and regulatory teams. We bring an “always available” philosophy to your biopharmaceutical product testing project, providing a personal touch and ensuring seamless integration.

Tenacious Collaborator

We stay committed to solving your challenges, addressing your needs, and effectively communicating our findings to every level of your biopharmaceutical and biotech organization. If you have a challenging product or a bottleneck in your development processes, we’re the team to call.

Let’s work together to achieve your vision

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