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HPLC Analysis Finds Problems at a Molecular Level

When a possible product contamination has occured, or a product’s composition has come under scrutiny, HPLC (High Preformance Liquid Chromatography) can be performed by our experienced staff to determine the major, minor, and active ingredients as well as quantifying them in a product or formulation. This process is performed by our skilled technicians, using powerful instrumentation to process and evaluate your sample’s make-up.

HPLC analysis begins with relatively small sample sizes. The sample is injected into a pressurized stream of solvents that allow the sample to travel down a column and through the packing material.  During its trim down the column the chemicals within the sample get separated from each other due to how fast they are able to move though the material. Rates of time that different components of the sample pass through the detector are known as retention times.
Different compounds have set characteristic retentions times, and this is how they are identified and how strong of a signal is received is how they are quantified. Retention rates for all particles show up on the equipment and give an accurate picture of the separated sample, which is called a Chromatogram.
Using this process allows us to reverse engineer a variety of products into their separate compounds, anything from pharmaceuticals or food to perfumes and makeup. Our HPLC analysis is one of our many instruments that we use to help accurately determine what the problem is that you or your company is experiencing with your product.