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Green Reformulation & Your Company: How You Can Go Green

According to the EPA, greener products can help protect human health and the environment. Products also play an impact in air pollution, water pollution, climate change, waste disposal and damage to ecosystems. These staggering impacts can occur at many places throughout the product life cycle. Because of this, many consumers are more conscious about the products they’re purchasing and the kinds of chemicals they’re putting in and around their bodies.

Eco-friendly or greener products which contain less harmful chemicals, dyes, additives, etc. are rapidly becoming more popular with various types of consumers. These consumers are willing to spend a significant amount for peace of mind and to know these products are safer for their loved ones.

Whether your product is a consumer good, a personal care item, material used for manufacturing or a formula still in development, Avomeen is here to help transform your goals into solutions, with Ph.D-backed analysis, fearless ingenuity, advanced technology and a client-centric focus. We will partner with you and support you throughout each step of your project.

The  Green Reformulation Process

 Review the Chemistry of the Product

The first step in the green product reformulation process is to review the current chemistry. This process will answer the following questions:

  • What aspects are replaceable?
  • What aspects are completely necessary for the function and purpose of the product?
  • Are there options that could make your product greener and eliminate the number of chemicals?
  • How do these elements work together?

Avomeen’s industry-leading formulation scientists will help identify which chemistry combination works best for your particular project.

Efficacy Testing of Greener Formulations is Essential

Next, efficacy testing needs to be completed on the established greener formulations. Efficacy testing allows formulation chemists to discover any unknown or unforeseen reactions or impact the modifications made to the formulation may have created. If your product has a specific claim, this is the point in the green reformulation process where that can be proven for packing or advertising. This test goes hand-in-hand with performance testing, the next step in the reformulation process.

Verify the Performance of Green Products & Eco-Friendly Formulations

Once efficacy testing is complete, the product needs to undergo performance testing, an essential part of the reformulation process. Performance testing will substantiate the intended use of your product. When you partner with Avomeen, you can rest assured that we want your product to perform just as well as it did previously with harsher chemicals – if not better.

Scale-Up and Technical Transfer

Lastly, you’ll be provided scale-up and technical transfer information. This allows the formula to be used in large-scale manufacturing.

Avomeen’s Proven Track Record in Green Reformulation

If you or your company is interested in green reformulation, our Ph.D-lead teams of scientists would be happy to partner with you. When you partner with Avomeen’s innovative team of formulators, you’ll have access to a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience, including a proven track record of developing and reformulating greener products. Together we can transform your boldest goals into real solutions. Do you have project in mind? Get in touch with us.

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