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Emergency Rush Analytical Services

Breaks or halts in production due to failure, contamination, and other challenges cost thousands, even millions, of dollars for producers and manufacturers each day that goes by. To get up and running again, you will often need intensive chemical analysis services to identify points of failure or unknown materials and contaminants. Unfortunately, not every laboratory is equipped with processes and resources in place for undertaking quick-turnaround work.

The Avomeen team, however, is fully prepared to take on emergency analytical services in our state-of-the-art laboratories.

Rush Treatment for Common Services and Beyond

Our scientists and chemists are ready to prioritize work based on your needed services in areas such as:

  • Material and Contaminant Identification – Separation, purification, and in-depth analysis of your samples at high priority
  • Failure Analysis – Get the final word on where and why your product has failed, then apply the fix and restart production

Services offered at high priority are not limited to those listed above. Our uniquely built team can find customized ways to approach your rush or emergency chemical analysis with minimal downtime while preserving our accurate and reliable testing procedures.

Don’t lose any more money on halted production or wasted time and resources; put your critical analysis in the skilled hands at Avomeen.

We Have Proven Success in Providing Quick Solutions

Review our examples of successful emergency analytical services that were completed on a quick timeline:

Product Contamination Rush Services Case Study


The presence of an unknown brown, oily substance in specific lots of an OTC product forced a pharmaceutical manufacturer to shut down their entire production line until the root cause of the contaminant could be identified and the issue resolved. The company contacted Avomeen to quickly identify the contaminant in order to reopen the production line.


Recognizing and understanding the urgent need to identify the root cause of the contaminant, Avomeen provided a rush service to identify the contaminant and relay findings as the analysis was taking place. Avomeen performed a comparative analysis of two samples, a control sample and an affected lot. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) and Gas Chromatography (GC) analyses revealed that the oily substance was a component commonly found in flavorings. As Avomeen’s scientists were discussing findings with the client, the client disclosed that they had recently changed suppliers of one of raw materials.


As a result of the FT-IR and GC-MS analyses, Avomeen was quickly able to identify the unknown material and assist the OTC manufacturer in determining that the raw material from the new supplier was the root cause of the contamination. The manufacturer reverted to their original manufacturer for the raw material in question and reopened the production line.

Failure Analysis Rush Services Case Study


A pre-production car fire resulted in the crucial need of a Tier-1 automotive supplier to investigate the cause of the fire, as their part was on the pre-production vehicle and scheduled for inclusion in production vehicles. The Tier-1 supplier contacted Avomeen to investigate whether their part was responsible for the fire.


As the required analysis was critically urgent and results were needed as soon as possible, Avomeen offered a 24-hour rush service. The client remained on-site while Avomeen’s scientists swiftly analyzed one aspect of the damaged component, providing the client with preliminary information as soon as the initial analysis was completed. Subsequent, in-depth analyses were performed through the use of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR), Gas Chromatography (GC), and Ultraviolet–Visible Spectroscopy (UV-VIS) to determine if the Tier-1 supplier’s part caused the fire.


Avomeen’s urgent investigational analyses concluded that the Tier-1 supplier’s part was not the responsible for the fire, allowing the automotive manufacturer to proceed with production of the car without causing disruption or delay to the planned release date of the vehicle. Avomeen’s analyses not only cleared responsibility from the supplier, but also resulted in the Tier-1 supplier maintaining their reputation and relationship with the automotive company.

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Discover the advantages of high-priority service at an advanced chemical analysis laboratory like Avomeen’s. It’s the fastest, most effective way to get back to production in a timely manner. Your emergency is our priority. Trust chemical analysis services on an accelerated timeline to the chemists and scientists at Avomeen.

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