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How Green Product Development & Eco-Friendly Reformulation Can Increase Your Sales

As consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of their purchases, the demand for eco-friendly products is increasing. Many consumers will pay a small premium for cleaning products that are labeled as ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly,’ provided those products have proven to be as effective as their non-green alternatives.

As a cleaning product manufacturer, reformulating your current products to produce eco-friendly alternatives can give you a distinct advantage over competitors. Additionally, entering the market with an environmentally-friendly product can boost your marketing. With eco-friendly products, you’ll reach a growing market of shoppers who are concerned about cleaning chemicals and are willing to pay more for products that are free of potentially hazardous substances.

Results of Nielsen Survey Point to Consumer Desire for Green Products

Consumers of all ages are increasingly expressing their interest in environmentally sustainable products. A 2015 Nielsen global study found that 75% of Millennials, along with 72% of Generation Z and 51% of Baby Boomers, are willing to pay extra for eco-friendly products. Additionally, 66% of all survey respondents said they would be willing to pay more for products coming from companies that have demonstrated a commitment to making a positive environmental impact. The majority of respondents said they would pay a premium for products:

  • Made by a trusted brand or company
  • Known for their health and wellness benefits
  • Made from natural and/or organic ingredients
  • Made by a company known for being environmentally-friendly

With consumers—and especially younger consumers—pushing for environmentally-friendly cleaning products, now is the ideal time for manufacturers to enter the green cleaning niche. If your company does decide to introduce eco-friendly products to the market, keep in mind that savvy consumers expect transparency. While there are no regulations that require your company to list cleaning product ingredients on the packaging, consumers want to know what they’re buying and are likely to trust your brand more if you disclose your ingredient list voluntarily.

You can also earn trust with environmentally-conscious consumers by seeking endorsements or green product certifications from independent groups. To earn this type of third-party endorsement, you’ll need to disclose your ingredient list, all toxicity data, and all product test results to an independent laboratory. The laboratory will need to conduct their own testing to verify your claims.

Reformulating Your Cleaning Products

If your company is planning to enter the green cleaning market or trying to make your product from another industry more eco-friendly, Avomeen can help. We can take your current cleaning products and reformulate them to your specifications, using preferred alternative ingredients to replace potentially harmful chemicals. We know how to make a product more environmentally friendly and will identify safe ingredients that will still allow the product to work as intended without the risk of chemical harm in the home or environment. During the reformulation process, we can also alter attributes like color, odor, and consistency to help your product better appeal to the intended audience.

You can get a quote for your eco-friendly reformulation or green product development by filling out our online form now, and you can learn more about our analytical testing lab by calling 1-800-930-5450.