When Dr. Shri Thanedar, founder of Avomeen Analytical Services, heard news of the recent Johnson & Johnson recall, he had a word of advice to offer. The company just recently announced the recall of Motrin Infant Drops due to the possibility that the medication may be contaminated with plastic particles. Dr. Thanedar advised the following:
“The first practices any company should introduce are ways to protect their products. Preventative measures should be put in place to avoid product defect or contamination. However, it is also imperative to know what steps to take if a product failure should occur. Johnson & Johnson responsibly removed the medication for sale that had even a chance of contamination. The question for them now is – what’s next?”
Dr. Thanedar suggests J&J should consult a laboratory that can conduct both a failure analysis study as well as provide method development and validation. These services can assist Johnson & Johnson in determining the precise origin of the contaminant as well as identifying any future issues they might have. Mitigating risk before it happens is the best defense any company can have against recalls. However, issues do arise and that is when having the right resources makes all the difference.
Avomeen Analytical Services is well versed in testing for product defects. Using techniques such as FT-IR, SEM/EDXA, GC/MS and LC/MS, contaminants in formulated products can be precisely isolated and identified. With services ranging from comprehensive deformulation to litigation support we are the resource for even the most difficult cases.