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Corporate Social Responsibility

From our CEO:

I am proud to lead an organization with a culture that thinks big, celebrates and values diversity, requires inclusivity, and has an unwavering commitment to contributing to society and making a positive, lasting impact.

Our guiding principles and values serve as the foundation for our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Our CSR initiatives are continually refined as we engage with our community, team, and stakeholders, ensuring that the program is holistically aligned with our values and corporate strategy on an ongoing basis.

Our organization is honored to have been able to support good being done in our community and society through the work we’ve produced for our clients, and through Avomeen’s team efforts to bring positive change to our immediate community. Each and every Avomeen team member takes pride in and contributes to initiatives that align with the core aspects of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, which encompasses:

  • Advancing the development and optimization of and access to products that benefit people and our environment
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Accessible STEM education and continuing education
  • Environmental stewardship and sustainability
  • Volunteering
  • Charitable giving

We approach the world community’s challenges with a fresh perspective, and that includes identifying opportunities to get involved and make a positive, lasting impact. We recognize that ongoing dialogue with our team, leaders, and those we serve allows us to identify opportunities for us to Think Big and do good. With that in mind, we want and need to hear from you – please reach out to us with any thoughts and ideas you have to help us continue on our mission.

The Avomeen Leadership Team and I are grateful for the support of our talented and compassionate team, stakeholders, and clients, and we look forward to continuing to partner with one another to uphold our commitment to our community and simply do what’s right.

Think Big. Do Good!

Mark Harvill, CEO

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