Complementary Initial Ph.D. Consultation

chemical consultantAt Avomeen we pride ourselves on being experts at solving even the most complex analytical and product development problems for you in a fast and efficient manner. We work with companies of all sizes and understand that sometimes it’s our clients first time needing advanced product testing or chemical analysis services.  When you call our helpful staff we will put you in touch with one of our Ph.D. Chemists, who through a complementary initial consultation can help you better understand the process and costs that would be involved in completing your project.

With in-house specialists performing competitive products analysis’s, deformulating & reverse engineering products, new product development, solving and preventing product failure, pharmaceutical development, and litigation support services we have experts in a variety of chemical and analytical fields.  Since we are an independent contract laboratory our clients own all testing & analysis results performed on their behalf and all our projects are custom designed towards each client to specifically solve your questions or develop the best product possible on your behalf.

Experience the Avomeen Difference

  • Direct Consultation with Ph.D. Level Chemist
    • Free Initial No-Obligation Consultation
    • Project Customization (No Cookie Cutter Quotes)
    • Rapid Turnaround on Requests for Proposal (RFP)
  • Friendly & Responsive Staff who are Flexible to Your Needs
    • No Automated Phone System, Reach a Live Person!
    • Wealth of Knowledge & Technical Expertise
    • Dedicated Team of Talented Chemists
    • We Will Work Within Your Tight Deadlines
      • Rush Services & After-Hours Support Available
  • Extensive Experience Solving Difficult Analytical Testing & Formulation Development Projects
    • Specialization in Solving Complex Non-Routine Projects
    • Wide Range of State-of-Art Instrumentation
    • Proprietary Testing Methods
  • Strict Confidentiality
    • Clients Own ALL Testing & Formulation Development Results
    • Intellectual Property (IP) Rights Fully Transfer to Client
  • Detailed & Accurate Results 
  • Accredited Laboratory
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