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Avomeen’s Annual STEM Scholarship Program

We endeavor to live by our guiding principles, including “our community deserves our involvement”. Throughout year, we undertake a number of initiatives to support the community in which we live and work, including environmental stewardship, fund-raising, and charitable giving.

Supporting STEM Education

We’re passionate about all things chemistry, and Avomeen is committed to helping others discover the joy of science and STEM education. While our Chemistry is FUNdamental education program helps to foster an interest in STEM at an early age, we’re excited to announce an annual scholarship program to support college-bound undergraduates. Our annual scholarship program includes 2 scholarship opportunities, one for Women in STEM, and another for Minorities in STEM.

Annual Women in STEM Scholarship Program

Avomeen wouldn’t be the same without the brilliant and collaborative women that make up more than half of our staff. 43% of our leaders are women, and the contributions they make to our organization – and to our clients – are significant. With our Women in STEM scholarship program, we’re looking forward to supporting the next generation of collaborative, creative, and resourceful female leaders. One $2,500 scholarship will be awarded annually.

Minorities in STEM Annual Scholarship Program

Our company culture is incredible, and it’s due in large part to the diversity of our team. Nearly half of our staff identify as minorities, and they’re at the heart of our scientific community. 43% of Avomeen’s leaders are minorities and their creativity, knowledge, and resourcefulness result in innovative, high-quality, and scientifically sound solutions. Our Minorities in STEM scholarship program provides us with an opportunity to do what we can to support the next generation of minority leaders. One $2,500 scholarship will be awarded annually.

How to Apply for Avomeen’s Annual STEM Scholarship Program

We’re accepting applications from October 1-April 1 each year. Scholarship applications will be judged on two factors:

  • A brief written statement (200 words or less) about why the applicant has chosen to pursue a degree in STEM. For the Women in STEM scholarship, include information about organizations the applicant has been a part of and/or what they’ve done in your community to support and promote female leadership. Likewise, Minorities in STEM scholarship applicants should include information about organizations they’ve been a part of and/or what they’ve done in their community to support and promote minority leadership.
  • Eligibility requirements, which include pursuing an undergraduate education at a US-based college or university for both scholarships. For the Women in STEM scholarship, the applicant must identify as a woman, and for the Minorities in STEM scholarship, the applicant must identify as a minority.

A diverse panel of Avomeen scientists, leaders, and professionals will come together to review submissions and select scholarship recipients, which will include members of our leadership team. Winners will be notified by May 1 following the application period by email.



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