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Avomeen Remains Open and Operational: Supporting Our Clients’ Needs During the Fight Against COVID-19

Dear Avomeen Client,

Throughout the challenging COVID-19 public health crisis, Avomeen has remained focused on prioritizing the health and safety of our team and their families, as well as our clients and their regulatory deadlines, and those in the communities in which we live and serve.

Avomeen continues to remain open and operational while adhering to the Michigan Governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order, effective March 24, 2020, which governs our lab and nearly 98% of our staff who reside in the State.  As a designated essential service provider, we are doing all we can to provide support for the members of our work-force whose roles do not provide them with an option to work remote.  We have put processes and guidelines in-place to ensure public health guidance is followed in our facility, and we are taking all possible measures to protect their well-being and the greater social good of minimizing the viral spread.

As an essential business, we are working with local, state, and federal officials to fight this invisible enemy and are actively identifying additional avenues by which we can leverage our facility and highly-trained scientific staff to support the fight against this crisis, including any ideas you and your organization might have to combat the spread.  Here’s just a sample of the types of projects we are being asked to support, or are independently exploring with the government to support:

  • Unique hand sanitizer formulation to make best use of a manufacturer’s raw materials and production line;
  • Methods for a serology test for COVID-19 antibodies;
  • Formulation and small-batch manufacturing of a new-generation malaria therapy which has existing data to support superior safety and efficacy over Chloroquine and preliminary evidence of superior COVID-19 therapeutic effectiveness;
  • Front-line COVID-19 disease and potentially serology testing

We have an army of scientists and equipment ready to support you, the government and our society in this fight.  If you have ideas for how we might help you fast-track a development, formulation, small-batch manufacturing of a material, conversion of a production line, or virtually any other approach you are thinking to help with the crisis, please let us know.  We stand ready to partner with you.

Avomeen’s senior leadership team remain in constant communication with one another, our project and account managers, the FDA, and other business leaders as we monitor this global pandemic and how we might better contribute to fighting the invisible enemy.   We vow to keep you apprised of any future changes that may affect your project and its timelines.

If you have any questions regarding specific projects or programs, please reach out to your primary Avomeen contact, any member of our Senior Leadership team, or any Client Development team member.

With our wishes for your good health and safety,


Mark Harvill