Amazon Product Safety Review

Product safety testing documentation

Avomeen’s independent testing laboratory that can certify your products ingredients as safe for their intended use.  We have written product safety reports for dozens of Amazon sellers that list the product’s ingredients and confirms that they are safe for their intended use.  Amazon has increased its seller standards by requiring product testing documentation before a seller can list their product for sale on Amazon (MSDS/SDS’s are not acceptable).  Let us help you navigate their legal team’s requirements by developing a product safety review that satisfies their seller requirements.

Looking to sell products at Walmart, QVC, Major Retailer?

Our independent laboratory supports Amazon sellers in multiple ways including: 

  • Chemical Product Analysis – Detailed analysis of your product including identifying and quantifying its ingredients, analyzing for contaminants and harmful ingredients, determining the products shelf life, verifying packaging compatibility, and more.  This is a great option for medium to large sized corporations.
  • Letter of Opinion – For upcoming entrepreneurs  and small businesses with limited resources and time constraints we also offer a letter of opinion in which one of our skilled chemists will perform a scientific literature review of the products labeled ingredients and verify that the product is deemed safe for its intended use, as well as storage and transportation considerations.  If the product successfully passes our review, we will issue a certificate which you can present to Amazon.

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