Our Company Culture

We are privileged to have talented and dedicated people from a variety of nations and disciplines working together in a casual, inclusive atmosphere. Join us as we honor existing traditions and create new traditions to celebrate our team, our diverse culture, and scientific breakthroughs, including:

  • Annual Awards Program
    • Celebrate and honor Avomeen’s best and brightest at our annual awards program. Honorees receive trophies in addition to cash awards for select categories.
  • Marriage, New Baby & Citizenship Recognition
    • Applaud and share the joy of personal milestones with the Avomeen community, and receive themed gifts for special occasions and life’s milestones.
  • Quarterly Appreciation Days
    • Celebrate our scientific community and your colleagues with notes of appreciation and sweet treats in recognition of scientifically themed holidays, such as Pi Day, National Chemistry Week, Pythagorean Theorem Day, and National Lab Day.
  • Service Anniversary Celebration Kits
    • “Anniversary Celebration Kits” are given to each employee on their service anniversary as a token of appreciation. Kits serve as a reminder to celebrate your special day.
  • Annual Holiday Celebration
    • Fun and gifts are at the center of Avomeen’s holiday party. Laugh, eat, and be merry as you swap gifts during the gift exchange.
  • Quarterly Huddles
    • Come together as a team and enjoy a meal together while Avomeen’s CEO provides an update on company initiatives, performance, and milestones.
  • Community Outreach
    • Select Quarterly Huddles celebrate the diversity of the staff by having everyone join in culturally diverse meals while stations are set up for employees to engage in activities to support humanitarian causes that support the community where we live and work (i.e. homeless youth, victims of natural disaster, etc.).

We endeavor to cultivate an inclusive, multicultural, scientific knowledge-based community in which employees encourage each other to achieve their full career potential. We rely on the creativity, knowledge, and resourcefulness of our versatile team to develop high-quality, scientifically sound, and innovative solutions.